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    When the life gives abundant to teach why we should sulk from learning?

    We all know that the learning is continued process and there is no end for learning as the opportunities are vast all and what one need is the time to learn. By the way when the life never stops teaching why we should keep quiet and not learning. The life teaching can be our own experiences of the past, learning's from the mistakes, learning from the legacy of elders who created a platform to learn more, and learning through mentors or well wishers. And once we learned fully we should pass on the legacy to others for sure.
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    Indeed learning is a life long process. It never comes to an end, whether or not we willingly continue this process of learning. We remain in school or college or university for a limited period but this process still continues even leaving our educational institute. We learn from our elders, if we are interested we can continue this process by reading books, articles, blogs, exegesis, watching educational videos etc but sometimes, we stop this learning process then this life teaches in different ways and propels us to undergo different situations which we don't want to face, we find ourselves helpless in the hands of circumstances and we get this learning by experience and this experience sometimes has more weight than bookish knowledge.

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    One can beat the educated person merely by his personal experience in life.
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    When we grow up we continuously learn. We learn from our elders, we learn from our schooling, we learn from the society, we learn from the media, and there are many other similar sources from which we learn. Those who have inclination to learn newer and newer things would learn more and more. Another interesting thing is that when we go for academic or skill based knowledge pursuits, all these add to our experience only. Whether we fail or succeed every thing adds to it. More we involve ourselves in the activities and subsequent learnings more we become experienced and our future initiatives and efforts will be modified and shaped to that extent. Continuity of actions and engaging in sustained efforts is the key to learning and in favourable circumstances can shape our destiny.
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    It is regretted to have to completely disagree with the author.
    "By the way when life never stops teaching why we should keep quiet and not learning." This is completely wrong. We are learning everything that life teaches us. We cannot remain silent without learning it. But often the mistakes are repeated due to carelessness and omission. Then ordinary people will say that he did not learn anything from the past. Students failing in classes, is it because such children do not learn at school? Have you heard about some of such failing students after writing wrong in the answer sheets, telling accurate answers to the questions immediately after leaving the examination hall very easily? Their mindset may lose concentration due to mental stress while writing the exam and may not be able to write the correct answer on the answer paper. Mistakes that continue in life is also may be due to the stress by the lose of concentration or circumstances and are not due to not learning from past experience. Probably due to a lack of concentration in applying it. So do not blame them as not learning anything in life.
    And no one has created a platform to know more about this - the stage is everyone's life.
    "And once we learned fully we should pass on the legacy to others for sure". "Once we have fully learned" - there is no such thing. No one's study is complete until they die. This is what the author himself said at the beginning. ".... and there is no end ....." Therefore the transfer of that legacy is not possible in this subject.

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    Gaining knowledge is a journey that never stops. Indeed our whole life we learn things, we learn from people around us, even strangers, we learn from everything, even the inanimate objects teaches us something. The knowledge we learn from here are way different from the books we read. Learning things that comes your way without hesitation is a trait not everyone has however if you can learn something that has no ill effects, then why not go ahead? They might be helpful or not but is store in your mind forever. Knowledge expands and you share it with others. Bookish knowledge could never compete with the knowledge we receive from the streets. These knowledge are the main reason we get through life. Bookish knowledge might help you earn and get a job but if you street smart you will be able to get through life like a smooth Sail and also keep the job you got. It's obvious learning never ends and you shouldn't either if you have a opportunity.
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    Learning is a continuous process. we learn many things in our life. But the main problem is that we will not apply what we learned in our lives. This is the main cause of worry.
    A person who learns from his experiences and uses that in his lifetime will be successful. But who forgets the lessons learnt will have to face troubles.
    One should not stop learning. There is no age factor for learning. Learning means not getting degrees and certificates. But there are many things which will be useful in our day to day life.

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    Learning is a very important thing in our lives and if we shy away from it then our development will cease to exist. In fact learning is a life long feature and I have seen that even some very old people are learning something though practically it would not be of much use for them. The spark of learning should be there to start with and we must take advantage of the knowledge which is strewn here and there in this world and pick up it on a regular basis. The power of expression and capacity to work creatively comes from learning only. It should be given prominence in our lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Learning is an important tool for gaining knowledge and there should not be any hesitation in updating ourselves. Once we stop this benificial mode, we would be lagging behind many latest features. There should not be any restriction in respect of advanced age or some life style diseases hindering them to move forward in the process of their learning. Inner passion and motivation would be enough to go ahead for higher mental faculties and learning any tool in this regard would make our life more interesting and joyful.

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    There are many openings before us to learn, here many of us thinking 'learn' means learning something newly. But we fail to understand that the things teaching us to correct ourselves if we err or not to err on any situation. As rightly pointed by the author, we sulk from learning and this is only because of our head-weight, ego that we knows everything and 'it is not meant for us'. Many stories told before or events happening before eyes etc., only to correct ourselves and not to do such errors. We see by our own eyes that people are dying because of corona virus but in spite of that if we do not follow the instructions such as wearing mask, keeping distance, avoid unnecessary roaming, this just reveals our foolishness.

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    It is a very good idea to learn on your own and teach others. It is true that we can learn anything at any time and this art of learning has been given to us by our supreme power. When we have got the gift that we can learn something from any person or event or thing at any age, then we must take advantage of it and when we get an idea of ??its effect then we should try to make more of our knowledge and explain to others the importance of this art of learning by sharing it with more people. The day a man thought that now he got knowledge of everything and does not need to learn anything new, at that moment his development becomes limited.

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