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    Sena wants second lock down but NCP and BJP says no

    The situation in Maharashtra seems to be very grim as the new cases of corona is on the rise and that forced the state govt and even asked the chief secretary to draw modalities of second lock down but the NCP and BJP are not in favor. On the one hand there is a risk for life as the virus is spreading fast on the other hand the Agadi political grouping is losing its strength and voice as Sena , Congress and NCP divided on every matter and thus BJP started cozing with NCP to have political benefit in this troubled times.
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    These type of problems come when a Govt is made out of some coalition partners from different parties. It is good that they have completed 1 year like that but there are many issues especially after the arrest of the super intelligent tech savvy cop Mr Sachine Vaze and the complaint against Minister raised by the earlier commissioner of police Mr Parmbir Singh. The things are now complicated to such an extent that any time NCP can withdraw the support and a new coalition Govt might come in the state. But I do not think that BJP will go for that as this time going for fresh election would be much more beneficial to them. We have seen in earlier lock downs that there was a big business loss all around and people especially the daily labourers suffered a lot and with that experience in mind it would be the last resort to be opted and as night curfew has already been imposed the next thing could be a lock down. They may go for it in instalments like a few days lockdown and then open for a week and things like that but until all the constituents of the state ruling Govt agree for it how it can be imposed.
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    I don't think there should be so much fuss on this matter. While being in the coalition government, partners may have different views on different issues but eventually, they will come out on a common point. Both sides might have valid reasons for their respective stand. Recently we have seen twice serious incidents in the West Bengal bjp unit where old bjp leaders and new leaders of TMC who joined bjp fought against each other publicly but the home minister settled their disputes. Maharashtra government is a coalition of three different parties which represent different ideologies but they came together to keep bjp out of power. It is an unprecedented political drama when the bjp government was formed and then faranavis was sworn in as chief minister and then Sharad Pawar made congress into a coalition. likewise, bjp and PDP came as a group to form government in Jammu and Kashmir. Although both parties stand on two different poles. Everything is possible in politics. Shiv Sena which represents Hindutva and had a coalition with bj and their coalition was practical because both parties have similar ideologies, stayed together for thirty years as partners, separated and then this imbalance coalition was formed.
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    I don't think this is the time for politics. Corona is spreading. So what are the actions to be taken? All parties in the state should discuss, consider the pros and cons and then make a decision. Declaring lockdown may cause financial problems and many people will be in trouble and they have to struggle for their food also. Eventhough the cases are increasing, the recovery rate is good and the death rate is very less. Probably lockdown may see more deaths due to starving. So a very balance decision is to be taken. NCP and Congress are the friends of the government, They will never support BJP. The central government headed by BJP is asking the States not to go to the extreme step of lockdown.
    No one should do politics on dead bodies. I hope that the politicians will forget their differences and come to a good decision on this issue.

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    The chief secreatar has been asked to draw the plan of action for second lock down and the order expected.
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    A second lock down across the entire state is not recommended. The government should identify areas where COVID-19 is present and contain them. They should strictly impose lock down in those affected areas only and declare them as containment zone, and restrict the movement of the personnel. BJP and NCP is right in not recommending a complete lock down in the state.
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