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    We are now in the midst of the internet revolution

    The horrible virus has forced people to stay at home and work. Most employees are not so happy but do not have much of a choice. Petrol expenses are down, the roads are less crowded, and reportedly in most metro cities, there are too many houses available for rent, as families seem to have innovated in terms of a drastic reduction in costs. They have moved lock, stock and barrel to their native places and are happy to work from there.

    This brings us to a vital question. Those working from Tirunelveli or a neighboring village, or as a couple of young guys known to me are now doing, from a village just six kilometers from Nellore, (according to them, I do not know the location at all), or someone from a village 26 kilometers from Tiruchirapalli on the Trichy to Karur route, ( a guy whom I guided for an IT career some eight years ago), unless the internet facilities have improved, one cannot just work from such places. In the last-mentioned case, it was a friend, now based in the USA, who wanted this guy to stay in that house, free of cost, just to safeguard the village house, as his parents are away with another son in Mumbai!!!

    The realities of life are simply amazing. So, somehow or the other, the internet revolution is real. What shape it will take in the next 24 months is unknown. However, we are sure that the internet revolution is on its way to becoming a big source of livelihood for millions of people.
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    Now the internet has become very essential. Earlier when we are going from a village to another village on transfer we used to see whether electricity is available or not in that village. But these days very rarely we may find villages without electricity. But people started enquiring about the availability of internet in that village. Even in 2019, when we were going to villages we used to carry our own dongle. But after Jio came almost all villages have signals and they are giving good data on daily basis. Many people use this data and through a hotspot, they connect to the internet on their laptop.
    The Internet has become an essential commodity these days. You can survive 3 or 4 days without water also. But living for a day without the internet is real suffering to all.

    always confident

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    Now that the online school and online office work seems to be compulsory and going, surely each family is choosing internet of great speed and precision and thus I have seen many homes upgraded their internet package to higher level so that no one misses the internet at the home. Even the wifi router need to be changed for the effective pass of internet to all sides of the homes. Whether day or night,, the internet has become part and parcel of our life and now in the second corona in offing we are bound to use more internet in future for sure. But the service providers are increasing the package rates much.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree that pandemic has changed lives of people. Those who were staying in cities have lost jobs and most of them are back and are doing some menial jobs to survive. I know many of them who don't want to go back to metros for jobs. Some people are working online from their villages or small towns which they belong to.
    As far as network connectivity is concerned there is not a big problem nowadays. Generally, connectivity is good as an adequate number of towers villages or small towns have. So, there is no such problem for them but how many of them working online job are hardly a few. It may be possible that in the area which the author has written about might have more people working online, in my town only a few people have got this opportunity.
    Most of them are doing some menial jobs to survive and bear the expenses of their families. I see many of them have bought e- rickshaw and earning for their families.
    We have to learn how to survive in all conditions. Nowadays the situation is very bad for common people. Inflation is on top. The price hike is not in control. Essential commodities are going out of reach for many people, despite they have to adjust their expenses if they want to survive on this planet.

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    The advancement in the internet and web spaces are astonishingly very impressive and the present pandemic has fuelled that further. It is expected that there will be a big growth in this area in future also as the scientists and researchers are talking and pursuing measures for artificial intelligence, remote operations, robotics, cloud computing and cloud sourcing, digital governance etc and everything is going to help people not only to work remotely but with more and more precision. Just think of the future when a person will have a distinguishing number connected to all his property, Bank accounts, educational qualifications, family details, Nominations, Biodata, location, his police station, his speed on the highway, and all sort of things and however clever and intelligent he might be he will not be able to do any black money or hawala transaction. His moves will be very transparent in the digital world and he would be caught if he is involved in any criminal or fraudulent activity. Is not the digital future very bright?
    Knowledge is power.

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