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    Can we possibly use robots for Rs.35,000 in less than a decade for household work?

    Call it science fiction at the moment. Or something similar. One is told that with artificial intelligence likely to be the next best game-changer, there is a big revolution waiting to happen. My friends, all in the IT sector in the USA, often tell me that we will have robots for as little as Rs.35,000 in less than a decade from now.

    Will this really happen? Or are they being too optimistic. They often point out to the fact that smartphones are now available on EMIs at no interest for around Rs.5000 or less and owned by everyone. A similar revolution will happen to robots, that will be manufactured by some company.

    One of them even bets that a company similar to Cavinkare will soon emerge in India, and get this going. Cavinkare is a small company that is successfully competing with the likes of Hindustan Lever and the MNC called P&G in a wide range of FMCG products.

    Members who know much more than me ( almost zero technical knowledge) may share their views.
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    Already we are seeing many robots helping us in our daily routines. Alexa is one such thing that helps us in playing songs and music of our choice. It will do many other works. I have seen a robot that cleans the floor and the mops. With Artificial Intelligence getting more and more popular we see many developments in this field and we may get robots at a cheaper price. Many process industries are already using robots to carry out routine works. It is good to have them but there may be some initial problems. Let us see how it goes.
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    Robots are no doubt funny to be introduced and done with the connected work. But I fear we cannot get the finness of the work done by maids. For example the author says the cost of the robot would be anywhere between 35000 plus and a good maid would be easily available for 5000 rupees and she would do all work which is more dedicated and to our satisfaction and I fear a robot cannot have the command of the master and cannot do such work which needs bend and kneel work. So no robot can beat the personal attenttion and work of the maid and we cannot depend on the accountability of the robot.
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    This is going to happen soon and there are so many advancements taking place in this niche area. Already some gadgets are there and the final robot will be the advancement over them only. For example one automatic broom machine is there in the market which is in a disc shape and can go below the chairs, cots, sofas etc and clean the whole room very elegantly and after working goes back to its dock for charging for next cycle. It can be remotely controlled and many people are using it in their houses. The cost is about Rs 15000 to 18000. It is available in major online stores and its performance is also very good.
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    Robots are available in other countries performing several works. I think a machine can't replace a human. A maidservant is much better than a robot. She can work as we want to get the work done but we can't expect the same from the robot. It works as it is programmed.
    Robotic surgery has been introduced in some hospitals. The nephew of my friend was operated on by a robot in a Mumbai hospital but the robot did not stitch properly and as result, the small child died. Moreover, this surgery cost Rs 4 lac.

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