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    Would you take decisions by thinking emotionally or practically?

    There will be times were we all have to take some tough decisions. Few people are very practical and never think emotionally were as some others are very emotional.
    Recently, my sister's father in law is tested Covid positive and is under home quarantine. My sister has a 4 year old daughter which is making difficult for her to handle. My mom decided that she would travel by flight to Mumbai and get the daughter with her so that the little child can be safe without any restrictions for which I said yes, that would be okay.
    Later my husband shouted at me saying this is not a wise decision since both my parents are senior citizens and my dad being heart patient is more immune to the virus and very risky. He said, the chain needs to be broken. Even though the girl is fine she could be asymptomatic or can be a carrier which could be risky for my parents which I again felt was right.

    So I had a thought, few people take decisions based on emotions and other think practically. Don't you think we become selfish if we think practically in this situation and don't help the needy? What do you think would be the best decision to do?
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    I am of the opinion that in most cases it is better to make a practical decision. But in some cases, emotion can be a factor in decisions. The emotional factor comes into play when making decisions on the issues related to marginalized people and our family members. When dealing with such issues, their emotions should also be taken into account in making decisions. All are reaching out to it as a social creature. However, it is best not to make a completely emotional decision. Because you may have to change your decision once.
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    A practical decision is always better. Sometimes our emotional decisions cause worry to people rather than helping them.
    My sister was sick and my mother wants to go and help her. My sister is in her 50s and my mother is in her 80s. I told them that in the present situation my mother going to help my sister at that age is not advisable and something happens to my mother nobody will be there to help them. But they ignored. My mother went there and after 3 days my mother got a fever and both of them suffered a lot. But by God's grace both of them are normal. Like this sometimes our emotional decisions will cause more problems.

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    It depends on the situation, generally, it is advisable to take a decision practically instead of emotionally but sometimes the situation is as such that we have to take a decision emotionally. I think if an emotion-based decision will not harm anybody then there is no problem in taking it.
    The author has mentioned her niece whose grandfather is a covid patient and she has decided to take her niece from Mumbai I think It is a practical decision because this little girl might be inflicted with the virus as her mother can't control her and the little may go to her grandfather. Why her husband shouted at her if the little girl is still safe from coronavirus. His old parents may get affected if the girl is also a corona patient. Then what is the big deal? I think the author should convince her husband.

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    What I feel that any decision to be taken is always associated with risk or benefit and we are the best judge to think before taking any decision. It is not associated with either emotion or practical experience. But through wide thinking and analyzing the pros and cons etc. For example there are people who are habituated to invest in lottery tickets and they used loose money than earning them. Likewise those who spend on playing cards and on the horse race are never used to gain and thus they have think many a time before wasting the hard earned money. Here the emotions and practical experience does not arise as the person was bent upon earning in shot cut method and tries to convince others also and thus indulge in spending spree. The losses would mount and he becomes more desperate to earn and again goes wrong.
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    Human relations and family ties are mostly based on the emotions and less on the practical aspect. When a person is emotionally attached to another person then decisions are definitely more affected by emotions rather than logic or rationality. There is always a bias in our mind regarding that and it manifests in our behaviour time to time. One of my friend wanted to send his son to the boarding school where he could get an all round development of the personality as well as academic pursuits. He was trying for admission in that as it was a very reputed one. Hs wife told him that it was too early for the child to go to that boarding school and it would be better that if they think of sending him out only after class XII. My friend was adamant and did not agree and the wife started to weep because she had too much attachment with the child. So, such situations come where in spite of knowing that child may have a good future and career if he gets education from that institute people are affected by their emotions and think otherwise. It is very common to have such situations in our lives and only a few practical persons are able to take some tough decisions in their lives wile many others succumb to emotional feelings.
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