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    I am unable to kick-start. I want a self-starter.

    Dear Members,
    I am owning a Hero Honda (Splendour plus)2008 Model. The vehicle starts only with a kick. Since I have lost my health due to diabetics, I am not able to kick-start the vehicle. I find it hard. It pains my numb feet. Now I want to go for a second-hand self-starting vehicle. Yesterday, I went to a true value dealer and selected a 'Suzuki Access 125' vehicle. It is 2016 model. The vehicle costs Rs. 29000/-. It runs smoothly. Some repair work has been done by the dealer. I will be the second owner of that vehicle.

    Members might wonder why I am going for a second-hand vehicle. The reason is this. I require the vehicle in my village. I don't stay in my village for a long period. I stay at Bengaluru home for more time than my village. In my village home, my relatives would use the vehicle during my absence. They won't care as I care the vehicles. Hence, I am opting for a five year old second-hand vehicle.

    In intend to buy that vehicle. I wish to know from our vehicle loving ISC members to post their opinion about the vehicle 'Suzuki Access 125' price, its mileage and its performance.
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    I really wonder why this thread is not starting with responses. Members using two wheeler can easily respond to this thread.
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    I had the very bad experience with Suzuki scooter as the mechanic system is very cumbersome and not every mechanic is known with the techique. Even in the big city likeHyderabad I could not find a right mechanic and thus I got rid of that vehicle for lesser price. Though the vehicle was initially good, but when the oil is not maintained even for one day the entire chamber need to be repaired and one would shell out 5000 rupees. I went for the Jupiter now and since two years no problem and the vehicle is trouble free. I strongly recommend Jupiter scooter for those who does not need kick start.
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    Dear members,
    After having paid an advance of Rs. 1001/- and signed an agreement to take the vehicle on Wednesday(today 31 Mar 2021), I went to the dealer and have a thorough check of the vehicle before taking delivery. OMG!, When I took the vehicle for a ride for a milege check. the speedo meter did not work. The fuel guage did not work. The seat lock was broken and unfit for use. The break light was not working. The side view mirror was not fitted properly. It fell off during the run. The tool kit was not available.
    I went back to the consultantcy and said," I do not want to take the vehicle. It will take me for a ride after paying a sum of Rs. 29000/-. It is not worth and cannot be believed that it is the 2016 model vehicle.
    Finally, he agreed to deduct Rs. 501/- and paid back Rs. 500/- .

    And on my return, I looked at a scooter of Honda 2009 model painted black. It attracted me. The agent asked me Rs. 20000/-. After negotiation, he came down to Rs. 18000/-(this is also not a justifiable amount). When I took it for trials, Its speedo meter didnot work, seat lock was broken, and break light needed replacement. Rear tyre was worn out and need to be replaced. Anyway, I did not want to lose my time as it was already 1500 hrs. I took it to a workshop and repaired the speedo meter and seat lock. I have incurred Rs. 1300 for repair work.

    After all this, I paid the said amount (in addition Insurance amount Rs. 850/- and returned home. After reaching home, I found the rear wheel air pressure was down due to wornout tyre and a nail hit. I will have to spend another Rs. 2500/- for tyres and labour work.

    I hope the vehicle will render good service to me for the next three years.

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    The author has not read my response it seems but good that he got rid of the Access vehicle and if purchased it he would have surely cursed for having taken wrong decision.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    This is a good post for learning something about the second hand vehicles. I will like to add that people who have money generally discard their first hand items after a few years and go for a new one. It is an expansive proposition but if one has money it is really a pleasurable thing. Generally the gadgets will develop some problem after some time and regular maintenance is required. Frankly speaking, we are not tuned to paying for maintenance because our mind set is like that thinking that any gadget can be maintained in very less money and even some minor things we can maintain ourselves so when we have to pay for repair or AMC, it pinches deep inside. We avoid going to company maintenance facility for repairs and search some guy in the local market doing same thing in very less money and of course we are intentionally compromising with the quality of work.
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    I wish you happy riding. Hope this vehicle gives you good, trouble free service for the coming three years.
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