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    Make your dreams happen

    Everyone on this earth has dreams. This is not about the dream you see when you sleep. It is about the dream that we should become who we are in life. Some people have a lot of money. There are situations where they can achieve their dream. But only a very small percentage of people get this luck. Most other people have no chance of achieving their dreams. But we all have dreams. You know what the saddest thing is?. Very few people pursue their dreams, or try to make their dreams come true. Everyone else thinks dreams are a myth or that our dream is something we can never reach. Even when we say that we are dreaming, what always comes to our mind are the reasons why we cannot reach the dream. Do you know the reason for that? We always focus only on the reasons why we cannot reach our dream. We only think about the reasons that pull us back.

    This is what I am telling you today, If we want to achieve our dream - decide what is the first step of your dream. Then focus on that alone. Think how can I climb this single step. Never rush to the top step. In doing so, it would seem that there are too many steps to climb. So focus only on the first step first. Focus on the second step only after you have climbed the first step. So we will climb each step one by one and finally reach our dream.

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    I agree with the author, just dreaming is not important. One has to think and work on achieving the dream. Many people dream about doing something or having something and find momentary pleasure or happiness by dreaming them being successful in their dream and later forget it or just ignore and carry on their daily task. This only becomes day dreaming which leads no where. Instead, one should dream and make sure they dream should just not remain as day dream and act on reaching their path.

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    Dreaming is very common and everyone dreams at some point in ones life. There is nothing wrong in dreaming. It is in fact a pleasant experience. But the problem in our lives is that how to convert these deems in reality. Dreaming is a passive exercise but in our lives we require activity to get success and progress. So, for converting the dreams in the reality, one has to be very active, must do appropriate hard wok and efforts to achieve that target.
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    I wont' agree with the term "Dreaming". I would say 'Forethinking or foreseeing' (In Tamil - Munnokkia Paarvai). We should think about the future, plan well to achieve it, execute it thoroughly well.
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    Thinking or dreaming will always be there and it is indirectly planing only though some people might compare it with conjecturing. Whatever be the term for it, dreaming is the beginning only. Once we dream something then desire to achieve that also may come and that is the start of our endeavours in the right direction. For converting the dreams in good results a lot of efforts and determination is needed. It is of course the tough part.
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    Dreaming sometimes offers us pleasure no doubt but its duration should not be too long. If excess day dreaming continues, it can be harmful in the sense that the dreamers would skip their normal jobs. Such dreamers lack the confidence to carry out their jobs successfully. Hence the well wishers should take of such persons so that their normalcy are restored. Sometimes the consultantation of the psychiatric would be essential to normalise the condition of the dreamers.

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    I agree with the author that everybody dreams but everybody doesn't see them come true but a few. Basic problem is that some of us dream which are almost impossible for us. So first, we should think or dream about that goal which is achievable. Then we can do planning and execution of our planning. Still it is not easy even everything is easy and well planned and apparently there is no hurdle in our way, nevertheless, we don't know what negativity or obstacles we may face. Sometimes, situations get changed. Sometimes, our sources leave us in lurch and sometimes unexpected circumstances stop us going forward. Nothing is predictable. But one thing is sure provided that we have grit and courage to face every challenge in the way of our journey then we can face every challenge. We should never be disappointed regardless of what situation or circumstance change. It is merely a part of this whole process. We should not forget to have guidance and suggestions from experienced people. It is conducive for us.
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    That depends on the thought process of the individual. Some people say always why they can't do it. That is a negative approach. When a task is there we should start thinking about how can we do it? Then you will find many ways to do it. Plan and execute. Give a thought. Make a road map and follow the same. Review in between and if necessary amend the road map and see that we will reach the goal. This should be the way.
    When you the whole task as a single task, you feel it is very difficult. But divide the task into various small tasks and start with the first task which is to be addressed to have progress. That approach will give us a lot of confidence and we can finish the work positively. Nothing is impossible if we have a strong desire to achieve. But if there is no desire to do a small task will also become very difficult.

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