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    We should not be the cause of anyone's painful memories .....

    Injuries to the mind are more than ten times deeper and painful than injuries to the body. They do not recover very quickly. Even if it is cured, no one will soon forget the moment and the impact it caused. Everyone may not be possible to make happy and comfort another one. But everyone can try not to hurt someone else's mind.
    Those who destroy the other's desires and impose their dislikes on them are the makers of pain. Everyone can make cuts. It requires no special training. But it takes effort and training to cure the wound.
    What matters here is the difference between a needle with thread and scissors. If our involvement in the personal life of others interferes with their subsequent journeys, then ours is the work of the scissors. Scissors that cut life into pieces. It can cut and trim. But only the needle that accompanies the thread can sew and bring together. In all the ways, the needle travels with pouring out the possibilities of healing that unite everything.
    If all that is separated is to be reunited, there must be someone to put it together. Let us be the ones who heal the wounds, not the ones who cut or injure.
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    Very nice thread from the author. When we cannot give happiness and good moment to the opposite persons, we cannot give them sorrow and bad times. Especially in love matters the promise of getting married and then parting ways would be very painful and there is no excuse for such bad behavior. Even in daily life we have to deal with children, youth, parents and elders and everyone has much expectations from us and we cannot betray those high exepectations and behave in a most uncivilized way. There is no excuse for betrayal and giving hardship to any memories of past.
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    When somebody hurts our mind, it will not go away easily from our memories. Whenever we think of him or whenever it happens to meet him we will recollect that ill-feeling only immediately. Taking those memories which caused a lot of pain to us away is not possible.
    My elder sister got married in the year 1973. In that marriage function, somebody from the bride's side made very bad comments about my father. Some discussion took place and arguments were also there. Except for that, the function went off well. But after 48 years also we all remember that incident and we all feel very bad. It will not go from our minds even after another 10 years.
    So hurting somebody's mind with lose talk is a very bad trait. We should use soft words and try to explain our feelings smoothly. That will infuse some sense into the mind of the other person. Otherwise, the harsh words will never work positively.

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    Hurting others is the major sin. We should not hurt the sentiments of people as it injures their soul. We should realise it when we feel bad if someone hurts our feelings or plays with our emotions and sentiments then how another person can tolerate insulting or hurting him. Speaking harsh words also break a heart. We should not speak harshly with people. This tongue is a deadly weapon that can injure the soul of a person and this injury can not be healed easily. Therefore, at least we should keep our tongue in control and if someone uses harsh words against us we should try to ignore it. If we don't forget harsh words which someone spoke against us it will squirm us. So remembering such bad moments is of no use.

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    Nice thread posted by the author. The author has rightly said that visible injuries can be cured quickly but the injury which is in the mind of a person is a little difficult to fix and if we cannot make it difficult for such people then we should not increase those difficulties. . We should live our lives in such a way that try it as often as possible, no one is unhappy because of us. We have to proceed on our path but do not disturb others. There are many struggles and pains in the life of every person, they should not be hurt again and again.

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    There are ways to percolate our massages in the right perspective but for the same, we need some sort of intelligence to put forth our ideas without hurting the sentiments of the other parties. Pinching someone with harsh talking would rather deteriorate the personal relationship further and that would remain in the heart of the other party for ever. Hence we should know the ways how to proceed to talk amicably so that we can have the lasting relationship with the other party.

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