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    Will Sharad Power's Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) joins hands to BJP?

    Sharad Pawar is the architect of the Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena ruling alliance in Maharashtra. I think, Pawar's NCP is likely to join hands with the BJP after the assembly elections in Bengal, Assam and Kerala. Joining hands with the BJP will give it representation in the central government as well as the advantage of maintaining the existing power in the state. Sharad Pawar's meeting with Amit Shah in Ahmedabad give hints at NCP alliance with BJP. What is your opinion about?
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    Sharad Pawar is a very cunning and smart politician. He always ensures protecting his and his family interests cleverly using political slogans and stands. He has no such conscious prick seen from his many avatars. But he is very shrewd and knows which side is useful to him at any particular time. He had very high ambitions, ; becoming PM is still not realised. So he enjoys staying as kingmaker which is more fruitful and less risky.

    So I will not be surprised if in future he ties up with BJP also.

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    The politics in Maharastra is fast changing as the behavior of Agadi goverment against the expectations of the three parites namely the SS, NCP and Congress is creating fractures even before the damage control exercise initiated by the Sena govt. The way the police is being used for the personal vengeance of the party was not taken in good spirit as already much damage is done to the prestige of police department and in this back drop NCP chief Sharad Pawar met BJP Home Minister Amit Shah and there seems to be strong alliance in offing. For Pawar he wants national presence through the union cabinet and also wants to have the alliance for the future of the party with BJP. Now the Congress would cry foul that NCP also become communal by siding with the BJP and in politics no one is permanent enemy and none is friend.
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    Since yesterday this issue is being discussed in the media everywhere and everyone wants to know the answer of this query. Some people believe that BJP will take advantage of this situation and shake hands with NCP and form the Govt once the present Govt is dissolved due to so many obvious reasons and conflict between NCP and Shiv Sena right now. On the other hand some experts are telling that BJP will prefer to go for fresh elections. Let us see how the events will be now unfolding in the state of Maharashtra and there are many people who are observing these developments keenly.
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    Shared Pawar is a clever politician. He had met Prime Minister also some months ago but he is still in power in Maharashtra. I don't think he will support bjp until he gets big political advantage in national and state politics. Meeting with home minister should not be taken that he is going to be with bjp. He is looking for prime ministership in future. I think he wants to pressurize CM of Maharsgtra by meeting with Home Minister.
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    The present situation there in Maharastra is not very encouraging and the differences between the parties in the ruling are increasing and the gap is getting widened. So some speculations are going on about the change in the ruling alliance or fresh elections. At the present moment, it is very difficult to assess the situation correctly. Sharad Power is always known for his clever play in politics. So he may take any side based on the wind and the situation. But I feel BJP will be at a loss if they want to join hands with this man. They can wait some more time and see what is going to happen. They may not be in a hurry to join with him at this time.
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    The latest news is that Sharad Pawar was not feeling well and hospitalized and therefore the question of his party joining the BJP in future may be put on hold.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Politics is a dirty game. Anything can happen at any time. Politicians don't hesitate to shift their stand. They always try to look at the greener side to get benefitted. Sharad Pawar is not an exemption to this phenomena.
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