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    How can I learn Hindi Language online

    I want to become a Hindi teacher and want to learn Hindi language online. Tell me the best way.
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    Charan Singh, warm welcome to this site as a new member and your first post suggest that you want to learn Hindi on line and seeking tutor assitance. What I feel that Hindi is the national language and that is spoken and written by many people across the country and this langauge can be easily picked up by interaction with the cross section of people and the same way the children would do. This is the very easiest language and most spoken language and therefore anyone would come forward to make you learn full. Even your neighbors can oblige you to learn the language without fees.
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    If interested for online coaching in Hindi, it could be fine if you go on off line mode. You have to look out for the competent teachers in your own area and probably you may get a right one if you go to any high school premises. You may straightaway go to the office of the Principal and apprise him of his intention to take lessons from Hindi teacher to improve your efficiency in Hindi language. He could connect you with the teacher and you can fix up your time with him for his valuable guidance in this line. A free discussion and removal of doubts with respect to grammar, punctuation and composition of sentences with correctness can be possible in the off line mode. More you talk with your teacher, more will be clarity in you comprehension with respect to this language.

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    You can learn Hindi online easily. There are several websites available that offer free courses by which you can learn Hindi. Some of the websites are:

    These websites offer Hindi lessons, grammar, phrases, daily conversations, basic words (daily use), dialogues etc.
    Besides, several apps are also there which can help you. Some useful apps for learning Hindi are:
    1. Duolingo
    2. Mondly
    3. HelloTalk
    4. Drops: Learn Hindi
    5. Tandem
    6. Mermerise
    7. U Talk
    8. Rocket Languages

    Besides, Google translate can also help you in learning Hindi.

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    There are many good sites where one can learn Hindi through basic lessons and you can visit them and see for yourself as which one is more comfortable and easy from your point of view. Meanwhile, I will suggest you to keep interacting with people in Hindi wherever you get opportunity and with whatever little you know and should not feel shy about it. I remember, having studied in a remote area, during my childhood I was always feeling shy of speaking English as other students might would mock me because I saw a few times it happening with some other student who was mocked by a group of students because he uttered a half sentence of English. So, please remove any such feeling and get rid of such inhibitions and be frank and communicative and that approach will help you to learn the language (any language) easily. All the best.
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    To become a Hindi teacher you should have a qualification in the language and you should also have a training certificate. There is an Institute called Dakshina Bharata Hindi Prachara Sabha. They are offering some courses and once you qualify in those examinations you are eligible for Hindi Pandit Training. Once you pass that training you will be eligible for a Hindi teacher. The only Training course is full time. Other courses offered by the institute are only part-time. You can study at home and attend the examinations. I know many people who qualified and joined as Hindi teachers in this way. After SSC you can attend these courses and there is no need that you should have an SSC certificate. The website of the institute is You refer to their website so that you will get all the required details.
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    In addition to so many suggestions given by the members I would say that please get some rudimentary children text books or story books in Hindi pertaining to nursery or primary classes as they are a good source of enrichment when one starts leaning Hindi language.
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    I did my course in Hindi learning - Certificate and Diploma, through Central Hindi Directorate, New Delhi, through correspondence only. They are conducting the courses with lessons with which a layman can easily learn the language and avail certificate/Diploma by appearing an examination also. For this the charges also not much. They have examination centers in many parts of our country. Details of the courses, downloading application forms, fees structure etc., can be availed from their website:

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    I suggest the author that first he should hire a tutor for learning Hindi and when he becomes perfect in this language then he can go for doing any diploma or certificate course through any online/ offline platform /institute as advised by other members.
    If there is no turor available at his place then he take help of Mr. Google .

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    Learning any language is easy but using it correctly is more challenging. As the authors have given you many websites, you can learn the grammar and correct words of the Hindi language with the help of them.

    But as you said that if you want to make your career as a Hindi teacher, then you should take more care that you do not limit the Hindi language to just speaking. The job of a teacher is to give complete information about the subject to the students. Today there are many people who have been speaking Hindi since childhood, but they do not have the ability to become Hindi teachers.

    If you want to become a teacher, it would be better if you do a diploma course or degree course in Hindi subject only through an institution or distance learning university, so that you are clear in Hindi basics only then you will be considered a good teacher.

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