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    To err is human; to forgive is always divine

    It is so easy to preach, but very difficult to practice. If someone had a really nasty boss and had to manage for over a decade, it becomes terribly difficult for any human being to reserve the best of feelings for that person, howsoever changed he might have become after his possible retirement or even after quitting and joining another organization.

    We, a group of six subordinates, at various levels had one such boss. I was one of the unfortunate six, who had to manage all the whims and fancies of the boss. Today, he is a reformed man and does talk kindly to everyone. There is a sincere attempt to almost apologize for his sins, though in subtle ways. As a group, we have decided to pardon him and have moved on. He realizes this day in and day out.

    What we need to do with such people is to forget the past and take life in purely psychological terms. After all, we are not going to carry even a bit of dust when we are gone from this world. Life is too precious to talk only about the past. Well, each of us did learn quite a few skills and these have helped us to make money even after retirement. Two of us have retired, while the others are 45 plus and do have opportunities to learn in a slightly better environment now.

    So, to err is human. To forgive, is always divine.
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    Nice thoughts emanating from the authors end and it is the fact that those who pardon has the great trait and those who err always should feel shame that in spite of given the chance to change they never repented for their mistakes and still continued. Some boss behave eccentrically because they feel they are close to the management and thus talk low about the subbordinates. But the same person would feel shy to ask any work done as the cooperation would be less or nil. The higher ups has the right to pull on and that should be gentle and not in front of other staff and that would make us very dejected.
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    If someone realises his mistakes and pays his sincere apology then he should be forgiven- as the author has narrated what happened with and his colleagues.
    I think If someone hurts our feelings or insults us or say indecent remarks or comments against us it creates an ill feeling in our heart against him and we carry it wherever we go but if we forgive him and forget what happened with us the burden will be removed from our soul. Keeping this burden on our heart pains us. What is the point to pain our heart.
    Life is too short for us, we should not waste it with ill feelings for others.

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    Very good advice given by the author. When we forgive a person's mistake, then in the true sense we take a good step for ourselves also, because the more we keep the mistakes of others in our mind, the more harm we also give ourselves. And by repeatedly remembering the same mistake of another, they create the same negative energy.
    It is easy to forgive but it is also important that we do not just pretend to forget that person's mistake, but really forget his mistake and give him a new chance. After unintentionally making a mistake, a person repents himself a lot and if we support him at such a time, a positive change can be for him.

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