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    We can become players, not just spectators.

    Once upon a time, a performer was walking along a rope tied across a river. He has also placed one of his sons on his shoulder. To everyone's surprise, he began to walk along the rope. The audience applauded and cheered. Meanwhile, he asked the audience, "Do you believe in my ability?" The audience answered in a loud voice. " have faith". The acrobat immediately responded. "Then give me a child of one of you. I will go over with him." The audience became silent. No one was ready for it.
    There are two types of people. One type sits on the gallery and clapping their hands and the other playing on the ground. The spectators cheered and shout out for the victory of the team they supported. If his team loses, he will be disappointed and starting to judge the game without even playing once in the field. There are many advantages in being a spectator, not having to take part in anything, no need of having to sweat, not having to fail, not having to listen to the accusations of others, all you have to do is sit in the gallery with support and encouragement...
    But, for players, there will be a long and tireless effort behind the one or one-and-a-half-hour show. The spectator's paradoxes are not enough to compensate for the efforts of the one who enters the field.
    Why a life that ends only with seeing and hearing, without a commitment to anything? It is the excess of those who become one in the crowd that leaves society inactive, leaving no evidence of having lived. Let's try to be players without being spectators.
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    Being spectators is easy but being players is difficult. Spectators merely support their favourite team. If their favourite team performs well and wins then they applaud and cheer for the winners but if the team lose they begin to comment on the performance of the players. It is a fact but these spectators don't know how to play on the ground. How difficult is to play against opponent if the opponent is equally strong in the ground. The message of the thread is applied to other issues also. Like speaking good words about any thing or anybody is easy but following these good words is difficult. We should not preach others, we should practice upon what we teach to others instead. This is real. This is fact. If we start carrying out what good teachings we know then we can realise how difficult is for others to follow the same.
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