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    This is the right time the center bring the entire health care to its fold

    In the recent past there is always a face off or non cooperation between the state and the center on medical guidelines and schemes and given the pandemic situation also some state tried to defy the center guidelines and thus become the victim of serious consequences leading to the death of people. This is the right time the center nationalize all the state hospitals under its fold and totally then be administered through the Indian Medical council guidelines and supervised by AIIMS then only people would get right medical attention for free.
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    Due to political and economic reasons there are always differences between the states and centre but they are always resolved with the existing working framework of law and rules and regulations. As far as the work force is considered it will remain same whether it is under the state fold or centre. So, expecting a phenomenal change in health services if it is brought entirely under the centre does not seem to be a reality. What centre Govt should do is take measures to align the state Govt in the direction of god work culture through a good governance. If centre Govt does that, which it might be doing in spite of so many oppositions, then all the states will slowly come in the groove and efficiency and performance of the states would increase. Taking things in centre Govt fold will not solve the problem. We have to remove the lethargy and poor working from the states in general. Some states might be doing good so others have to be motivated to take example from there.
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    As for as health sector is concerned the center should take over all state hospitals and develop on par.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though there are numerous essential parameters which need immediate attention from the centre and the most important being health and education. It is our observation that both the parameters are from satisfactory inspite of the fact so much time has elapsed since Independence. In fact, we could see some improvement in the initial years in respect of health sector. Even there was no delay for the medical consultations even for the poors. The medicines prescribed by the doctors were easily available in the counter free of cost. With the progress of time, we could see such facilities are being withdrawn because of less budgets in the health sector and also there are less recruitment of the doctors at present to take care of the patients.

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    Good health and healthy life is the right of every person and it is the duty of the government to provide all health facilities to its citizens. It has always been the misfortune of our country that the differences between the central and state government have a negative effect on the general public. But in this era of epidemics, the medical condition may be better. It is very important to understand the time and condition of the situation and take decisions accordingly and health always should be the first parameter.

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    I feel that health care should be with the State Governments. The state governments can have better control on this as the area will be less and people will be also less. Another factor is the regional conditions. The atmosphere will change from area to area. The food habits will change from area to area. So state governments will have a better understanding of these factors.
    The general guidelines issued by the central government can be suitably modified and used for the best results in their states. When the people are not serious about their health and if they are not following the required precautions also the state government can control them with better monitoring and supervision.

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    If there is a non-cooperation or communication gap between centre and state governments it is not good for people because health is an important matter for people as well as for the country. Healthy people are a healthy asset for the country who work as human resource and the importance of human resource can't be neglected.
    The author has pointed out this matter but he did not go in into details about which States did not follow the guidelines of the centre.
    It might be possible that state governments allowed gathering during elections rallies because we saw elections were held in several states and at the moments rallies are being held in some states where elections are being held but I would like to know from the author whether it is the responsibility of the state governments or election commission. I hope that the author will clarify it.
    Pandemic has changed the lives of the people at large. They are still struggling to come out from the effect of the pandemic.
    Health is a serious issue so state governments should focus on this matter seriously. I hope all the guidelines of the central government will be followed by the state governments so that such a problem should never rise again.

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