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    An unsung hero in Maharashtra

    I read about Girish Kulkarni, a teacher and a resident of Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra who took out sex workers and their children from the bog of dirty environment. When he contacted these sex workers and offered them to leave their dirty place, initially they did not believe him but he kept on convincing them. These women wanted to let their children be given a healthy environment so that they might be raised as good guys in future.
    Initially, Girish, provided them with books, notebooks, geometry box, clothes and all that was required of them and started teaching them. He would teach them good manners also. Then he thought that unless these children are taken out from this place their lives can not be changed, so he opened Snehalaya (a place of affection) and shifted them to this big home. Later, when he asked their mothers to leave the dirty place and start a new life as respectable woman, some of them asked him how they would survive if they left their profession. Then he started working on how to give them employment. Girish arranged to start a skills development project so that they might stand their own feet. He has also made an arrangement to educate them so that they might get employment. Now more than a hundred women have left their profession and they are doing jobs to live a happy life.
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    Well done Girish Kulkarni for his wonderful forward looking thought that has transformed many sex workers and they are now living a different life and their children are driven away from the profession. Good that such people be given more helping hand through the government so that he can given more impetus to his thoughts and gather more from sex trade to the normal life. Actually given this corona after effects many of the sex workers did change their profession but could not click. Kulkarni must be appreciated for his all renewed efforts.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Girish Kulkarni did an excellent job and we must appreciate him for the initiative he has taken. If the State government or the central government supports him, he can continue his good work and help many women and children to come out of the dirty environment and start living a decent life. As an individual, he can't do for many. We see very rarely such people who sacrifice their life for uplifting the lives of people who are leading their lives in dirty places and selling their bodies to survive.
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