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    An unprecedented manifesto

    An independent candidate of South Madure, Tamilnadu, Thulam Sarvanan and his political manifesto is in news. He has promised his voters to provide them unique freebies-- A small helicopter to all, one crore rupees every year to all, a three-story building to all and a free journey to the moon to all. His weird manifesto is a mockery of all political parties' manifestos in which several fabulous promises are made to fool voters. Facing an interview he said that his intention to declare this manifesto is that people should be aware of this reality that all parties make them fool by offering them amazing offers and after the elections, all these promises are proven false. He appealed to voters to elect honest candidates only.
    Voters don't see what welfare programs are declared in manifestos, rather they see their favourite party only, even they didn't see who the candidate is. They don't mind if their beloved party gives them nothing after elections. The majority of the voters decide which party they have to vote for, even before the date of elections is declared. Sometimes, I think if we really deserve a democratic system of governance? Perhaps we want dictatorship or kingship in our country. Surely, most of us don't know what democracy is.
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    Actually Thulam Saravanan has made the mockery of the freebies dole being announced by various parties and candidates and what he said may not be feasible but had a nice dig at even the voters not to go for the freebeis but to select and elect those candidates who work for the society. When the both Dravdian parties are claiming the govt one after other then why they are announcing so many freebies every year and thus spoiled the very election scenario. That means money person as candidate can only withstand the elections and others need to be keep out of election arena.
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    By doing that mockery, Saravanan brought out the fact that how the politicians are fooling the Voters. I have seen a movie in Telugu. In that movie, a political leader in his speech declares that he will bring the ocean to Hyderabad and the people who attended that meeting claps for that promise. What they showed in the movies is becoming reality these days.
    A voter should have a correct judgement and should vote for the best candidate available. But no voter do that. Even today also in many villages voting will go on a caste basis. The voters vote for the candidate who belongs to their caste. In some villages, every caste will have a big man. Whatever he says will be followed by the voters of that caste. This is all due to not knowing the value of the vote. How to address this problem is a big question?

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    In fact, I too wanted to contest election as an independent candidate from my constituency. Few people from my village approached me to contest election. I do not mind even if I lose my deposit. But I wanted to have a try. Owing to certain domestic reason and ill health, I could not file my nomination at the right time. I hope to contest in next election or any by-election to my constituency. I too want to throw away promises to the public, but not like the candidate the author has quoted. If I were elected, I would do good to my constituency for progress and development. My constituency would be a model for others to follow.
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    The manifesto is quite interesting not because of the number of promises but how people will be benefited from those promises. Most of the promises made by the candidate will be of little use to common men. There will not be many takers for the small helicopter or a free journey to the moon but yes, some people may feel attracted towards the sum of money promised and the housing. Shall I say the manifesto an April Fool? The manifesto just came in time. The problem with us is we keep on voting for our favourite political parties/candidates knowing that there will not be much progress and politicians also know if we remain underdeveloped they will continue to provide doles during each election to stay in power. It's a unique understanding.

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