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    Trends develop waves in digital media makes people feel free to voice their choices.

    Trends are what's ruling the world right now. Starting from what to wear and where to go, trend is what easily manipulates us.
    Having perks as well as demerits, trends are still the backbone to the current media outrage. With easily accessible smart phones, even a 5 second video becomes a viral trend. With the evolution of technology world wide, trends have been playing a significant role in the same. Same goes for the food trends and how being vegan has become the new trend to abide to. New trends where environment is treated better, planting tress have become a trend and going eco friendly is also a trend it becomes important to be more careful when it comes to environment.

    Trends makes people feel free to voice their choices, which unless tends to get lost in the crowd. Trends play a vital role in deciding what the future will unfold into and how we as humans can evolve through ups and downs in life. During rising waves of share marker trends, the brokers traded as much as they can earned. All in general it becomes trends does not only make our lives up to date but also makes us more upright with things are are important and should be taken care of.
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    Digital media has been playing the vital role in latest trends of fashion that show cause the latest collection in any field and especially the ladies wear, cosmetics and even foot wear. The social media is agog with the activities of latest collections in various fields and that would become a trend when some starts sharing it fast through their various social media handles. For example the Surat saree manufacturers share their new design sarees in social media and soon it would be big trend among the ladies across the country and thus the orders would be pouring in without even seeing the sarees.
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    In earlier days when communication is very difficult, the main media for knowing the trends is only movies. We used to see movies and whatever the characters in a hit movie used to practice were becoming a trend. But now this digital media has become a good platform for circulating the trends in different places by the people and so people far away are also able to know what is trending in other places. Thus it is playing an important role in creating trends universally.
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    It is true that the new age digital facilities have helped to spread trends fast. In practice we also see that trends are created, manufactured as per will by vested interests also. That is the flip side of it. In fact the digital facilitated trends are strong undercurrents and have effected many good and bad impacts in society and nations. The word waves conveys the hit and spread.

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    Different trends come up in the market every month or every week depends on how trends are demanded and which particular trends are in high demand and how the market is reacting to different other trends. Notably, social media is widely used for trendsetting because the majority of people adheres to social media and it is the cheapest means of introducing, spreading and controlling trends to get expected results.
    Sometimes, trends are deliberately started by companies to earn money e.g. we heard a lot about bird flu or swine flu. Do you ever think how many people had died of such diseases in comparison with a heart attack or any other normal disease? Do you ever think why some unknown disease begin to trend on media?
    These are the diseases that are produced in labs along with their vaccine or medicine then news of the virus is spread by these medical companies to earn their fortune worldwide. And educated people who are fearful of death run after medicine how to protect themselves from death. And then all of sudden this virus die and no media speaks about these diseases.

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