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    Anatomy of a small incident

    Yesterday, I went to buy medicines for my one month requirement and bought them along with some small items from the same medicine shops. The medicines were in aluminium foil packs and other Ayurvedic items were in small plastic flat packs and when the salesman was putting them in a cover then his hand slipped and the whole thing fell on the floor. He apologised and immediately picked up the items and arranged them again in the cover and handed over to me. When I reached home and took out the items then I found that three small plastic packs were missing. As the shop was just near my house I went there to enquire and asked the person but he told that he had put everything back. I told him that when the packet fell down was it possible that the small plastic packs just sided and went below the long counter over which we usually receive the items. He was surprised to hear that but then he knelt down and was searching below the counter and finally was able to retrieve three small flat plastic packets. He was seeing towards me with appreciative look and was a bit amused also. Have you also faced some bizarre incident like that? Please share.
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    This, really, may be a small incident but the lesson from this is high. Almost we have been trained by the vendors not to have any bag with us when we go for shopping. Moreover, the shirts also without packets. Before 45 years, there was a style to wear without packets in shirt. When we followed the same when we were in schooling, our father scolded us and told the tailor to have the packets in the shirt when we ordered stitching for Deepavali. He, our father, used to ask us, 'if you have something from others, where will you put, in others' packets?'
    Similar to author, I faced a problem yesterday. I went to a cycle shop with my brother's daughter to fill air for her cycle. On the way I entered to a shop for buying some eatables for me and her after taking money from ATM, then only i noticed the mobile phone of mine not in my hand or with her. I just got panic. I asked her to wait there itself and run to ATM but not found any mobile there. With tension, I came back. run to house with her and found it was kept in the shoe rack, out side the house. If I hold a bag with me,I would have kept the ATM card, Cash, Mobile in that. Since then I planned to have a cloth bag with me whenever I go outside.

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    The anatomy of this small incident may be explained in detail but one thing I have noticed that a lesson can be extracted from this five minutes incident that we should not trust the shopkeeper until we check each item personally we should not move from the shop. When the author complained he didn't accept that he forgot any item to give rather blamed the author that it must be with him instead of being in the shop and when the author asked him to search under the counter then he found the same. Interesting point is that he did not feel sorry for this mistake.
    Sometimes, it happened to me that I forgot some items at a shop but collected the same later.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    Some times such incidents will happen.
    Recently I purchased a split AC for my parents in our native place. I transferred the money through Google pay in two parts. By mistake, I transferred Rs.7500/- more than actually what I should pay. After a day I realised that I thought of calling the supplier. But I received a call from the vendor before I call him and told me that he will reverse the excess amount immediately. I received the money as told by him. Sometimes such mistakes may happen.
    But we should be cautious always and check properly whether what we are doing is correct or not. Checking the items received with the bill given is always a good habit.

    always confident

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