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    Analyze the trend before following them blindly

    Trends keep coming and going. We see multiple things that are trending and we also see people following the trend. We always feel doing things that is on trend is the new fashion, at least according to the majority of the population. Here I am not speaking about any news that is trending but things that is trending. But one should always try to analyze the trend before following it blindly. Trend can be good or bad and we should always calculate the pros and cons in order to be safe.
    For eg: Suppose there is a new fashion trend that many people are following, we need to first think weather it suits us and if we are comfortable before just following the fashion trend. There are high chances that you follow it but that does not suit you or you might be very uncomfortable in it.
    Also another example is there might be few applications that could be trending like tik tok or any other thing. We see almost everyone using tik tok. But was there any benefit out of it? Or was it any productive or was it any helpful in improving our knowledge? The answer is big no, in fact I heard there were many issues due to tic tok, people have divorced their spouse for opposing the use of it and many more. People were simply addicted to it and wasted their time.

    If we observe, we will have many examples which shows not all the trending things are good. So we should always analyze before following something and even if we follow we should know our limits so that our life does not get distracted.
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    A good post from the author. We should not follow blindly somebody else. Many people may be following a fashion. That should not be a reason for following the same. We should understand the atmosphere around, our age and personality etc and then only we should decide to follow or not follow. This is the best way always. But many times we see people following without understanding the pros and cons of the issue.
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    The author is destined to win this tow topic as she could able to convey the best through the heading and content and it is the fact that we blindly follow the trend not verifying the antecedents and authenticity of the matter or the thing we are sharing. We may argue that since the sharing came from the freind or the close known person, it does mean that could be correct and we need not follow the same. We have to be very careful because once shared we are going to induce our contacts to follow the same and thus supporting the previous share to be genuine and we are alone responsible for any misgiving.
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    This thread also alerts people not to follow trends blindly, but use one's knowledge and prudence to evaluate and analyse whether it is right to follow the same. It should suit one.

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    The author is right that the trend is not be followed blindly. There should some realistic arguments to justify the authenticity prior to follow up such a trend.However we are aware of the madness of the trend and once it is followed in a region, the same will be instantaneously followed by the entire young group without considering the pros and cons of the latest trend. It would be better to reconsider the positive points behind such a trend and then only it should be taken into the system.

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    A very well written post by the author. Trends are changing with time and these changes are sometimes hard to grasp however to keep up with people around us many would keep following the trend even if they didn't understand the basis of it, doing so can never be justified. You have to be careful with what trends you follow, there are plenty of trends that might seem very appealing and postive however when looked into from a diffrent perspective you might observe a lot of flaws in it. Some trends can also hurt the sentiments of other people. There are trends that can be harmful in long run. Whatsoever one must be very careful while choosing/following a trend. Being blindsided and unattentive to the result of the trend should can not encouraged. Hence one must do proper research and study while choosing to follow a certain trend.
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    I agree with the author that every new trend should not be followed by people without thinking pros and cons. As we know trends come and go. Some become popular, some go into past. They will not stop coming. The author has given the example of tiktok. I think all these trends which are originally related to new generation especially teenagers remain popular as long as they are followed by young generation as a whole and once another better app comes in the market which has better and advanced features and all information is spread on the media to generate demand among them may switch their mindset to other direction.
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    When we undertake a task or a project or any activity then we have some results expected out of it. So, we look towards past trend in that matter and feel that the same might be true in this case also with some minor modifications here and there. Unfortunately it does not hold good all the times as new trends emerge because of changed scenario and our results are then not as per our expectations. So, we have to follow the trends with prudence and wisdom.
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    It is correct. We need to analyze things before taking a final decision. When it's about following a trend we have to keep in mind that it's a trend only and after a certain time people may not follow the same trend. One also has to think about how beneficial is the outcome of following a trend. If it has no benefit and only a wastage of time by following the herd then one must think twice before following such a trend. It is seen in many cases, that following some trends is an impulsive action. It means emotions are attached while making the decision to follow the trend. So, people should keep their emotion under check when deciding to follow a trend.

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