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    Why too much of moral proverbs of life are heading on our forum ?

    Past one or two years I am observing the forum is filled with more moral proverbs of life and related things. Sometimes the same things with different headings and explanations are seeing in the forum. Most of these things are already well known by us. Along with some good type of these threads, various types of matters like interesting geographical matters, interesting historical matters, various political issues of the country and the world, on scientific matters, marketing trends, new developments on technology, etc. can be posted by the members and that give a variety and vividity to our content. Members, what do you think about it?
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    I accept. There are many topics on which we can open threads. The members of ISC are from different regions of the country. So they can talk about the specialities in their areas so that people will understand and when any member visits those places, this information will become useful to them. A good suggestion from the author and all the members can think about this.
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    The author has raised a relevant issue. Also, I have been observing for several months that similar threads with different titles are repeated again and again. I think threads that impart moral teachings are appreciated by ISC. Also, political threads, how to succeed type threads and kind of how to work in an office, pandemic, online learning/work etc are appreciated on the forum. I think Aditya Mohan who is no more active on the forum would post threads on different topics. One thing I have noticed that the off-track topics are not in vogue. It has become a trend on the forum and I also follow this trend. I think the suggestion of the author is great. We can expand the scope of new topics.

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    I remember a member who used to post the things you suggested. Unfortunately, that member is missing now. I do not know the present whereabout of that member. I feel something went wrong with the member or ISC. There were many members, but they are missing from the ISC forum and other sections. I sincerely hope that they would return to forum and resume their good old past activities and cherish the forum.
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