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    Why usually we see color dots at the end of each page of a newspaper?

    If we observe any newspaper at the end of each page some color dots can be observed. Mostly I am observing this type of color dots in this modern era where color printing for newspapers started. If I remember this type of pattern is not seen in olden times as these papers are printed in black and white only. What do these color dots print at the end of each page indicate? What is the purpose of printing these color dots? I think there may be some purpose for printing these color dots. Knowledgeable members can throw light on this matter to enlighten us?
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    These four coloured dots are used to indicate whether the printing is done correctly or not. There are four colours Cyan ( C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) used for printing and these coloured-dots are popularly known as registration marks. All colours can be obtained from these four colours and while printing an image all these colours are placed separately on the page and aligned at a particular spot. It is impossible to check whether every page is printed correctly or not but looking at the proper sequencing of the four dots on the page it is understood whether printing is done properly or not. These fours dots work as an indication.

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    I have also observed that colored dots would appear on the last page to indicate that those color drums were used to bring in the multi color page. Gone are the days when the news paper was black and white and now six color combination is possible but most news papers use four fast colors and thus the printing section should know which color be used as per the ads appearing on each page and therefore coloring is pre-decided. This matter I came to know when inquired about the same in a color printing lab. They were printing for a local news paper and Sunday edition was printed with all colors.
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    The author raised an information thread. I too observe this colored pattern in newspapers but never think about the reason for it. It is true that newspapers have some primary colors and other colors are prepared by them. Many times it happens that we use many things around us in the day but do not observe. If everyone observes the same thing in their daily life, then perhaps many curiosities will arise. The authors did the same observation and bring this thread that helps me to know the reason behind these colorful dots.
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    Those 4 coloured dots show the colors printed on the newspaper. On the front page, they appear at the bottom of the newspaper but also on the top of the inside pages. Double pages also have + signs. The above dots and + symbols are known as the registration marks. + symbol is used for cutting correctly. 4 separate colour ink drums and 4 separate rollers are used for the 4 colors to fed the colour used in an image. When they arrive at the correct locations, a beautiful picture is formed and registration marks are put to check it. Currently, CMYK (CMYK stands for Cyan Blue, Magenta Pink, Yellow, and Black) is a color scheme used to print newspapers and posters, etc. That is why the registration marks of those four colors are given as dots. Such dots do not appear on the page where only black letters and black and white images are printed.
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    These four marks are basically for knowing the quality of the printing. For a printer to verify all the papers physically is very difficult. But an experienced printer can understand the correctness of the printing by observing these marks. If any change in the intensity of the colour in these four marks or any blurring is there, the printer will under about the correctness of the printing.
    In earlier days newspapers were only in black and white and hence we were not seeing these four spots. Once the colour printing started these marks started.

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