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    Will there ever be proper development of tribal?

    The word tribe known by the people of every state and there are different tribes living in different states about whom we know through books or other means. Here, the mean of tribes are those people who live only in the forests or in a small town in the hilly areas and these tribal people are still far from the concept of development. Whether we talk about Bheel, Gond, Toda, any of the tribes, they love their traditions and ritualistic life and they are happy in it, even they don't want to join our society, sometimes they do not like interfering with outsiders. But will these tribes live this way always or will they also join the stream of development of society?
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    The government wants them to join the main population of the country and central as well as state governments have brought several schemes for their upliftment and better life. They are among the reservation category which facilitates their education and government jobs also. Schools and hospitals are being opened in their areas which avails opportunities of a better life for them. Generally, these tribes love their lifestyle, tradition, culture, festivities. They don't want to mix up with non-tribals as they are apprehensive of elimination but gradually, their young generation is joining the mainstream, betting education, doing jobs and interacting with the outside world.
    Some tribes are still don't want to mingle with us. Several government and NGOs have tried to approach them but they don't welcome outsiders. The Sentinelese tribe is one of them. It's on an island in the Andaman Nikobar island area. They don't come out from their place nor they welcome outsiders. If anybody enters their island he is killed by them. An American was killed a few years ago when he tried to contact them. Another incident happened when some fishermen who landed to have rest on their island were killed by them.
    When a tsunami came in the Hind ocean, one NGO uploaded their videos in which they were shot on camera attacking outsiders with their arrows and bows. I watched this video.

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    Slowly they are also changing. Recently I had been to Araku in Andhra Pradesh. This is a hill station and around this place, many tribals live. They are all also getting in to doing some sort of business and earning money. The government is giving them land at a very cheap rate. They are purchasing those lands and giving on lease to other people to start their business there. Through this, they are making some money. Many of them are doing the coffee powder business and making money. There is a change in their way of living also.
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    Govt is doing a lot of things for their upliftment and other progress related matters and they are also now coming out to the modern world with open arms. Slowly the younger generation due to mobile penetration, social media etc will be mixing with the outside society in a better way paving way to their complete amalgamation with the outside world. It is only a matter of some time as environment is already conducive for that.
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    Tribals are the reminiscent of our past and they are very valuable for us in all respect and that is the reason that Govt is taking a keen interest in their development and progress and merging them with the main stream. At the same time if some tribals are adamant to keep their identity and have their own world with them without disturbing the system then we have to respect that feeling also. In a democratic system we cannot force a person to become modern and modernise his ways against his wishes and to that extent patience is to be observed in this transitionary matter.
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