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    One should try to achieve positive trends in one's life

    Life is a challenging journey. There will be problems and adversaries. We have to face them boldly and solve the problems using our knowledge, intelligence, and strength. One should not stop the efforts for trying for improvement because without sincere efforts nothing is possible in this world. It should be our endeavour to do better than what we had achieved earlier. We also have to update our learning and skills. It is necessary to stay erect in this competitive and cut throat world. Finally, we have to try to improve our constructive faculties and creative channels. A continuous improvement is required which in technical terms is known as positive trend. So, the ultimate aim in our career or personal life should be such that it results in a positive trend in our activity level as well as the overall growth. This in a simple language means that we have to strive always for an improvement over the already achieved accolades against our aspirations.

    Trends could be in increasing or decreasing directions depending upon the activities and efforts but what is important is that the undertone should be positive and our activities should lie in the constructive domain. There is only one way to achieve this seemingly difficult task and that is the sustained hard work with zeal, focus, and determination and if we follow that doctrine, we would definitely achieve our goals by pursuing positive trends in our constructive activities.

    This is my entry for the month end TOW contest on the topic - trend.
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    If one behaves positively with positive thoughts surely the results would end up with positive trend to be followed by others. In our country most of them are the followers or the imitators and therefore would be closely watching for those who are the trend setters in any matter or the issue and thus become instant famous through the sharing in social media. And the trend is once happening the dependence of giving more lies on the performer and therefore even more thrust is given for the great happening. One thing is sure if the peer groups are within our ambit of reach we bound to be good and positive achiever.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is always a good thing in our lives if we try to improve ourselves in various spheres bringing in a positive trend and keep that sustained. It is easy to say that but requires a lot of hard work, sustained efforts, and of course discipline. Very few people on this Earth have such positive attitudes and they are in fact the role models for all of us. We must try to learn from those great people who had done many good things in their lives and were trying even more than that. It is that spirit and endurance that can bring the positive trends in our lives also and we may then get the associated benefits also out of it.
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    Positive thinking keeps a man engaged in efforts. It keeps the hope of success and improvement alive. Everybody wants to progress and succeed but everyone can succeed in his efforts is not possible. Some people succeed and many others are deprived of success. It is a matter of race of success. Only abilities and positive thinking are not enough for success, rather kind of jacks are also required which raise the graph of success and plays an extremely vital role for it. Only some people are equipped with all the required sources for success. This is why we observe that a particular section and subsection having a monopoly regarding success enjoy privileges. There is a bit smooth short cut of success for them, unlike others.
    The bitter truth is mostly overlooked but everything is fair in this regard. Several marginalised sections and subsections despite having equal opportunities, abilities, positive thinking, well-made planning but due to lacking in under the carpet jacks they are left behind.

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    We should always improve ourselves to progress in our lives journey. We should compete with ourselves and try to be better person than yesterday rather than comparing with others and this way we can see some improvement. Improvement should not only be in terms of our routine, our hard work and time management but even we should improve in terms of our behavior and thinking. We should have positive attitude and learn to accept and correct our mistakes. When someone tries to point out at us, we should first try to analyze rather than reacting or doing any counter attack. And the changes comes with lot of positivity and we create positive vibes also in the surrounding. We should always think and look at the positive side rather than the negative side.

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    Nice thread by the author. There is power in positive thinking which proves helpful in easing even our most difficult times. Troubles keep on coming, but if the person has the art of keeping himself positive then he will never give up. It happens many times that under some circumstances, one becomes unhappy and anxious but due to his talent of positive thinking, he motives himself and quickly moves on to adopting the choices of life. There are both positive and negative moments in our life, but it depends on us to hold positive or negative moments in our memory.

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    The author has raised a very relevant point emphasing us to adopt positive spirit while doing any job. Positivity has miracle effects in our thought process. We become sometimes frustrated with the present job and because of our negative emotions , success may be far away from us. What we need is the cool mind and should concentrate on the task with full concentration. Then starting the same with the positive note, there is always a chance of success. Where as doing the job with frustration and negativity would spoil the entire task ended up with failure.

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    When we start a work thinking that we will do it, we will be successful. If we start with doubt we may not be successful. This is the fact of life. One should make a trend of having confidence in him and should always expect positive results from his work. Positive thoughts will make us confident and then we will get a winning trend in our attempts.
    A good attempt from the author connecting the TOW word trend to positive thoughts.

    always confident

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    That's very important and when we fix a target we must try our best to reach the target. After setting the target we should never think that the target cannot be reached. If such a situation arises when it becomes almost impossible to reach the target we need to find ways so that the destination can be reached. The difficulties must be analysed and then remedial actions have to be taken. To progress in our lives it's important to stay focused and positive. Negative influences will be there but we have to practise to keep away the negativity and move ahead.

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    A very interesting thought provoking thread indeed. Positivity in any form be it positive words or thinking it enable us to do better. It brings hope and love to ourselves to improve our lives. Positive thoughts evolving in our head would help in to get through the day with improving us. However positivity is not the only thing that is important, aiming high but within your limits, working hard and being healthy is also very important. All together it is important to have a positive approach to everything to inculcate positive trends in our life for betterment.
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    Author very aptly exhorts us to create only positive trends. This advice is quite right in present day. While agreeing that this is not so easy to achieve, the author assures us that "we would definitely achieve our goals by pursuing positive trends in our constructive activities." Leaves a good taste .

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