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    What factors you say for an actor or actress excelled in their acting?

    There are so many actors in India who have excelled in their acting and can be found in different generations. ANR, NTR, SV Rangarao, Savitri, Shoban babu, Krishna, etc. in Tollywood, Amitabh, Dharmendra , Sharuf khan, etc. in Bollywood, and many more in different languages are there as role models. Anybody can get attracted to their acting. There are different factors that may attract in their acting. In general what factors will attract us in their acting. In South India, Savitri is considered to be an all time great actress for the reason she expresses all her feeling through her eyes and face. Amitabh expresses his acting in a very natural way and we don't find artificiality in his acting. So what factors you consider for saying an actor or actress excellent in their acting?
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    When any new actor comes on-screen and if he has some speciality he may attract audiences/viewers. I don't know much about south Indian actors. Rajnikant is considered the most successful actor of the recent past. He still has the charisma to fetch people to the theatre but Kamla Haasan is my favourite hero from south India. The reason is his face-expression, Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Hindi movie (the first time this title was given to him) and Dilip Kumar who is considered as the school of acting. Kamla Haasan is very similar to them in face-expression. And his acting- Kamla Haasan is as great as Amir Khan (Mr Perfectionist) and Dilip Kumar who lost and immersed themselves into the character they played.
    You have mentioned Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachan and Sharukh Khan.
    Dharmendra made an image of a He-Man when he became the first hero who put off his shirt on camera in Phool Aur Pathar. This movie changed his image from a boyish to a He-Man and this was the main reason for his success who could beat many people at a time?
    Amitabh's voice, height, punctuality and his image of an angry young man made him the star of the millennium. His image of a silent angry man who could revenge or avenge against injustice made him successful.
    Shahrukh Khan dialogues delivery, his courage to play all types of role -,even of villain, his looks, his acting and he represented modern youth and their flirting activities made him Superstar or Bollywood Badshah.
    All actors have different qualities which were liked by people and they reached on top in movies.

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    There are many factors that go in to deciding the name and fame of actors and actress. As regards to male actors are concerned, their dressing style. their hair style and the color combination of dress has impressed the audience in the past and regards acting the emotions and actions along with some dance moments made them famous. As far as NTR was concerned his dialogue delivery in one go was the high light. And as far as Amitabh Bhachan was concerned his voice emote was the best. Coming to the heroines of those days Vanisree gained importance for her heavy dose of make up, Jayalalitha for her acting caliber and Padmini for her expressive eyes emotions and dance. And most of the present actress were got into fame for their ready act with less clothes and revealing clothes and that made them famous and not for any acting or caliber.
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    When we see a movie we should see the role played by the actor on the screen but not the actor. Then we can say he is a really great actor.
    In South India, NTR was seen as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. If anybody talks about Rama or Krishna we will remember NTR. My friend's father went to the market to purchase a photo of Lord Krishna and he purchased a photo of NTR in the role of Lord Krishna. That is what made him a great actor. The actors who make us think of the original character while acting in those roles are the real good actors in my opinion.

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