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    If you are thinking too much there is no need to worry

    Many have told you not to think too much and if you are not thinking too much then it's good. Now if I ask you what are you thinking the answers will vary which is usual but a lot of them may be common. The things which are common may be about something that has already happened and you keep on thinking about why it has happened. Another thing maybe about the future. Mind it, it's not a future plan but some apprehensions. A lot of time is spent on such apprehensions. Now let me ask you something serious. Do you call these thoughts? Thoughts are something which will help you to take some actions but what we do for a significant period is worrying about things. That is not about thinking of a solution to a particular problem or planning something for our betterment but something that will make us worried. So, I would say if you are thinking too much it's not a problem. Keep on thinking and find out various ways to solve something, but don't worry too much. Thoughts and worries are quite different, isn't it?
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    I agree with the author that he has explained thinking for worries and thinking for solution or betterment of life.
    I think that nobody wants to be worried but then what a person can do if he is worried because of worries in life. He will think about them too much but it does not mean he doesn't think about a solution. He surely thinks about the solution but sometimes, it happens that he has no solution to his problems he is facing and when he does not find any solution to his problems he gets worried because of his worries. This is a cycle for such a person. But my view is if a person doesn't find any solution- despite all his efforts to solve his problems and his problems remain intact then he should leave his affairs to God.
    Meanwhile, he should keep finding a solid solution to his problem and simultaneously, also he should start to find alternatives to come up or sideways which may be conducive for him to restart his life.

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    There is nothing wrong about thinking of the past mistakes and the misses that happened in our life and there is need to probe and keep on thinking and pondering over the same would lead to no solution but spoiling our health. If the worries is for the future then that is also wrong. Because the next minute what is going to happen is not known to us nor we have the control, then what is the use of thinking about the future. So the best way to less our worries is to think of the present and live happily for the day because we are enjoying the benefits of our thought and those little moments of great happiness is enough for taking us to the next day. The live lesson as to how the dreams of many have shattered with one year pandemic is before us and there fore we should not worry for the future which is not in our hands.
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    Our mind is a warehouse of thoughts and thinking. It will always be occupied with them. It cannot remain empty as its basic design and purpose is like that. That is why in our scriptures it is mentioned that one has to control and tame the mind in a positive, constructive, and fruitful direction whether it is the pursuit of materialistic things or simply the spiritual development. If a king wants to expand his kingdom he has to focus in attacking the nearby kingdoms and gain control over it. For that type of project a focussed thinking dedicated in that direction is required. He has no other way and no other choice except to think and poser it over to the meticulous details as how to achieve that objective. Mind has a tremendous capacity to think and go for follow ups of those plans or dreams but unfortunately people only use a small fraction of it due to our inbuilt and inherent lethargy to work.
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    The best way is to avoid unnecessary tension thinking about the future and we should ensure how best we are enjoying the present one. The life is the mixture of both happiness and sorrows and hence we should eliminate the process of overthinking. If we are worried too much regarding our future, it will affect the life of the present. Hence we should be able to devise some solution so that our future would be smooth with some positive planning. We should give up all the thought process giving rise to unnecessary strain. It could be even the past failure for which we could be agitated sometimes loosing the peace presently. That too should not be our objective. Similarly thinking about the future in terms of our health and financial constraints shouldn't be our objective either. Hence the best way is to enjoy the present and devise the ways how best we can manage our future with comfort.

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    There is difference between just thinking and then over thinking. Over thinking tends to spoil our peace and we will be immersed in the thoughts. My husband is a over thinker and half of the time we argue or fight because of his over thinking. Because of too much of thinking, major part of the fun in life is missed. The only focus will be about avoiding things that might harm or taking precaution. No matter how much you try to prevent, what tends to happen will happen. One more problem with over thinking is trying to analyze each and everything that we want to do. When you want to buy even a small item or if you wish to go somewhere, you analyze pros and cons too much for multiple times and no decision comes easy. So I feel its better we do not miss the joy of living in the moment by always thinking about the future.

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    A very positive thread has been submitted by the author. I also agree with the author, it is true that it is advisable by most people that over-thinking is harmful because people may be under stress due to over-thinking but the way the writer has understood the difference between thinking and worrying is quite commendable. A series of thoughts are always formed in the minds of human beings, which is not easy to stop. When we instead of stopping our thoughts turn them towards positivity, we make good use of our thought ability.
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    Too much worrying about every single thing can adversely affect mental and physical health. But, it is not adornment to jump into all the things without a thought about the reactions. It's just that every thought needs a limit of its own. We must be governed by the awareness that nothing will happen just because we are worried. However, it is a fact that we are human beings and we cannot abide by the above principle. In a particular problem, look back at the various previous experiences that are similar to this and apply the one that seems most appropriate to our new problem. If we have not experienced overcome such a crisis in the past - if we feel that the ideas that come to our minds are not enough to tackle it - ask for help from those who have more life experiences than us.
    The Holy Bible says "nothing can be added or lessen anything just by the anxiety of us". (Matthew 6:27)
    "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow,.." (Matthew 6:34

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    Think about the task on hand. Think of ways and means to complete the task on hand. If any problem comes, think about how to come out of it. This type of thinking is always good. But thinking unnecessarily about no issue is a bad trait and your mind will not work when it has to work if you are involved in waste thinking. Some people will be always dull and when we ask them I am thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow. That is foolish only. Why start worrying today itself thinking about tomorrow's difficulties.
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