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    Have you ever made someone an April Fool on 1st April?

    Today is the first date of the fourth month of our year, which is known by the name of April Fool. When I was in my school days, I have taken great advantage of this day, and at that time we used to make many people April fools and themselves also became fools many times. This day becomes like a comedy day because when our friends and young innocent children of the family also try to make the elder members of their family make April Fool, the smile appears on the face by seeing the innocence of the children. Have you try to make April fools to others or anyone who gave you any memorable moment on this day, which continues to be the reason for your smile even today, share your experience.
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    I used to make April fool when I was young but now I do not make April fool and don't even feel like doing one. I had fun doing April fool during my school, college days and even during my initial days of employment. But now I feel very childish to do it but yes if there are any kids around, I try and make them smile by doing April fool and have some fun.
    Also when I was young and when I tried to fool my parents on April 1st, they would pretend to get fooled even if they knew I was fooling just to see my smile. There are lot of memories with it which makes me smile even now.

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    We were doing this when we were in high school. All the students are trying to fool each other. Some students were getting offended and complaining to the teachers. It was fun those days. After coming out of high school, I never did any such sort of things.
    Today in Telugu newspaper there was a piece of news saying that TDP ( Ex-CM Naidu's Party) is getting merged with BJP. A BJP leader warned people to believe the news only after seeing the date of the news. That paper tried to April fool all the AP citizens I think.

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    School days were quite joyful for many of colleagues. We used to move somewhere in group engaged in different activities such as playing, discussing a lot of thinks, even telling stories so that the group does not lack entertainment. 1 st April in each year was always turned out to be memorable since we were engaged in making some fools to our colleagues. One of my friends informed me that our Mathematics teacher is out of station and hence his class would be organised in the evening when he returns from that place. All of us believed the same but later we could know the real thing. The classes were held in the normal timings and the tumor was aired to make us fool.

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    We did it when we were in school and enjoyed the fun out of that. We used to tell some lies to our classmates and when they found that was actually told to make them fool then they also used to burst into laughter. One incident that I remember is that on one of the 1st April occasions in those times we told a girl that head mistress had called her to her chamber and there is some complaint made by a teacher and head mistress would be telling some unpleasant things to her. The girl got terrified and went to the school office and told that she was called by head mistress but office people told her that there was nothing like that and she need not to meet her. Meanwhile another girl told her that the girls were making April fool to her. She was angry but soon forgot the things.
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    I think it's Funday for young children. Which child could escape from following this trend, especially, when someone fooled you another day by telling a lie then you have to revenge for making you fool on first April But now I don't remember that once it was a Funday. This trend has almost come to an end, now even children have left to fool other children but in schools it's still going on.
    It comes from western culture and I often think why we people follow western culture. Do they ever follow our culture while they are in their country? Then why we don't stop our children to follow these practices.

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    Though we are alert enough for not getting fooled some how are the other people device ways and means to get us fooled and one such think happened yesterday. As we have the whatsapp group for our entire family tree there was a message in the morning that one of the relative boy got an award for his excellent service rendered in last financial year ending 31 st March and every one started wishing him with choicest phrase and by late evening it was revealed that the message was to fool every one and do not believe. But that was the wonderful fool being made and all of us got to believe that he got the award for sure because he works hard. Any how I do not like people fooling others even for the sake of fun as matter would be taken seriously and even the face off between relatives and people would turn hostile for being humiliated.
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    I did not make fool but made my uncle to get panic on the day April 1, 2008. I called his landline number and told that the call is from BSNL and the telephone bill for the current period have not yet been paid and people are coming to disconnect the line. He immediately got panic and told over phone to me, that his son (my brother) have already paid the amount and asked one day time to get the paid receipt. In the meantime, my aunt came there and told him that no such call would come from BSNL. By hearing her voice, I could not control my laughter and laughed loudly. By recognizing my voice suddenly he himself laughed.

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