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    Challenges never end, they only change their trend over time.

    Both struggle and challenges are as close words of our life as love, success, happiness, etc. In fact, a person living a life crosses many different stages and during this time he/she gets to deal with all these emotional factors. As we grow older, we start feeling our life is full of challenges. Every time a person thinks that this time is the most challenging time of his life and after passing this challenge, his life will be just relaxing and only with a pleasant feeling.

    But the truth is that the challenge can never end in life, instead, the challenge will change its trends with time and then you will have to face a new challenge and then you will have to overcome that challenge again. This thing is applicable in every field, whether it is relationship or career, in both we found the trends of challenges. Let see with this, until the job is not found, it is our challenge to get the job, but once we are in the job, then while we working with the job, then again we get many challenges in the new form related to our job profile. The same concept applies to our relationship as well, sometimes we can fight for a relationship the most and sometimes it becomes a challenge to maintain the same relationship.

    This trend of the challenge is not a halt that will come once and then away from your life, but the challenge is that important part of life that will remain with us as long as there is life. There is no harm that challenges are coming again and again in our lives, why should we be afraid of them, because without challenge and struggle, perhaps the importance of success will also be reduced.

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    The author has hit the tow topic with her well christened heading and response and sure shot to win the prize. Challenges would never end and it should not end also. Because challenges open up new avenues for success and that would be our entry point for the biggest acheivement in the future. By the way we should not be afraid of challenges. And those who have taken risk and in their life has always succeded not because of their expereince but because their full understanding of the situation. If the person succeeds through the challenges and the bad situations, he becomes most sought after by those who have failed, because they want to learn from him as to what plan and program made him to gain the winning situation. One thing is sure challenges may not be same and happening again and again but new challenges are keep coming.
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    I will say differently. If one challenge ends another challenge will come. We may complete one challenge successfully. another challenge will poke you. If there are no challenges there is no thrill in life. Such life we may love only when we are old and when we have no energy to do any work.
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    If you want to make life interesting, you should definitely be involved with the different challenges and in that your energy will be directed towards the achievement of the task. Of course, that would give mental satisfaction for the time being for your achievement making you thrilled. However, it is a momentary phase of relief and again the next phase starts with a different assignment demanding the same level of attention as paid to the previous one. In that way, the cycle goes on. This is the game of life. Sitting ideally would make life the dull.

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    Challenges will always be changing with the times and will be different time to time and it is natural that we will also have to devise newer means to tackle them. That is the reason why we have to be prepared and ready for any unforeseen situation and challenges associated with it.
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    Challenges come and go, now it's our prudence to see which challenge we have to accept and which one let it go because we have to weigh our strength also to accept any challenge. If we accept such a challenge that we can't face it will discourage us and make fun of ourselves in masses. Those who are the players of this field know the tactics of winning the battle against the challenge. It's the first tactic of a fighter that he chooses a challenge and ignore other challenges. In other words, they accept one challenge at a time. They don't open several fronts simultaneously regardless of their abilities and strength. Thus, they invest all their energy, tactics, stratagem, planning, abilities, internal as external sources- they encircle their challenges from all sides and create an ambience that pushes it into a corner. When we win one challenge it augments our strength to defeat another strong challenge.
    Life is full of challenges and this process never comes to an end. We can defeat every challenge by turn provided that we have the patience to wait for the right time to win the challenge.

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    Hi, Good post from the author. Change is beautiful and it is fundamental for all existences. Change brings new challenges which help us to expand day by day. Every changing season comes with its beauty and challenge. It is vital to change and face new challenges which come again and again in our path. With every new challenge, we add up many experiences in our life that grows manifold. So instead of an afraid of them, we should find how to approach them for our benefit.

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    A very well put forth topic. The explanation as well as the header is very apt. Challenges are a part and parcel of our life. Challenges are thrown to us so that we improve our lives and become better throughout our life. However if we are thrown with same challenges throughout it will become monotonous and very difficult to learn from. As the author said challenges changes with trends as trends changes with our choices and preferences. When we develop different preference and changes then we also create challenges we set for everyone as well ourselves and then this starts to develop with time. We solve these challenges and learn from the opportunities that we face. As these challenge develop with us and also contribute to our further development. In general challenges do need to be changed with different trends and help us overall
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    With a rhyming title the author has explained that trends are changing ; they never end, but are continuous simply changing form and frill.

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