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    In a panic situation, we often ignores other important options.

    Sometimes it happens that some incident occurred suddenly and we get nervous due to which we are unable to see many small but important options which can prove to be more and more important for us at that time.

    In our society or family, such instances are often found when a festival or ceremony is to be held and some important thing is missing at the last moment and all people start angry at each other in panic or they are trying to prove fault to each other.

    In such a situation, if even one person in this group has patience, then the solution of every problem can be found because there are many options to solve every problem but that can be found only with a calm mind.
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    My life experiences have taught me that this is very true. It is common to miss out on essentials in certain situations. The main reason is that everyone is busy. This is often due to a lack of programming. Such ignorance can be avoided to some extent if a review meeting about the event, on the eve of the event takes place. The members who work in the front row to the event should sit together and decide who should do what, and each of them acts accordingly.
    If there is a wedding or any other auspicious ceremony going on in the house, the elder family members and uncles should sit together at least on the eve of the ceremony and give the duty to the youth who should bring the ritual things at Church, Temple or at the place of worship and who should deal the invitees, etc.
    But in the case
    However, if someone suddenly falls ill at home, instead of calling a nearly residing distant relative and telling them to come with the car, we often call someone very intimate from a distance and tell them to bring the car. This causes a delay in getting medical assistance to the patient at a hospital. Often we try to call a faraway person because we do not have the nearer distant relative in mind at that time. It is our state of mind at that time that causes such omission. If we panic, nothing will come to our mind properly

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    It may happen with anybody as it is normal but some people will not lose their hope to find a solution. They don't make hue and cry. The best way to avoid this situation is that all people who have been given responsibilities concerning any function as the author has exemplified should be known to their responsibilities in details and all doubts on the whole if anybody has should be clarified to him. Moreover, despite taking care of all nitty-gritty details in case any problem occurs they should not create any panic, else the situation is surely be fallen into hotchpotch and utter chaos.
    A ship was moving in the ocean smoothly. All of sudden a storm arose in the ocean the captain warned the passengers that the ship might sink and all passengers should be prepared to face any danger. Hearing this announcement all passengers began to make hue and cry, even some of them began to cry. Among them, one person was reading a book quite calmy. He said loudly I guarantee nothing will happen to the ship and all of us will reach shore safely. Gradually, all passengers calmed down and after some time, the storm passed and the ship came out of danger. Everybody was cheering with happiness. One passenger asked this man how he was sure that the ship would not sink. He replied, "How I could know about the fate of the ship. But I tried my best to console all people on the board because they were at their wit's end. If the ship had sunk, nobody would be alive to ask me why I assured them that the ship would not sink".

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