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    Discipline though play the key role in life,it is hated by many youngsters.

    We all are acquainted with the word "discipline" at home. Its regulate our conduct. we are a social animal, we have to live with others in society. Hence we have to adjust our activities with all of these. Without maintaining discipline in life one can not achieve his aim. So we can see it in every where, in education, in sports, in military etc. But there are various sectors in our society where many youngsters are not even bother to follow this with anybody, as they think they know better in everything than their older even parents also. A section also influencing their conduct stating that they are the all in all in the society, they are the only hero etc. Do you experiencing any event , please comment your view.
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    Yes. Discipline in life is very important. If you say somebody that we will meet at 5 PM, you should be ready to meet him at that time. That is discipline. Like this every we see some guidelines to follow. Following those guidelines is discipline. Not following the guidelines and making short cuts wherever possible is viewed as indiscipline only. Our indiscipline will cause difficulties not only to us but also to others. Many people never follow the lane discipline while travelling on their vehicles. That will cause inconvenience to fellow travellers also.
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    Discipline in the present people's mind is just keeping the face sullen and shouting on others erring or not. But way of keeping, following the things with good manners, systematically is decided as discipline, Attending a function or school or place in time, dressing with well manners, keeping the things properly in respective places etc., also plays as characters of discipline. Our discipline should lead a lesson to others.

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    There is no point in blaming the youngsters alone. Parents and teachers have a role to make the youngsters understand the importance of discipline. The best way is to learn through example and elders should be the ideal examples. If youngsters find that the elders are only preaching discipline and not following any discipline then youngsters will also avoid being disciplined. Tell me how many teachers are disciplined nowadays? Many teachers just choose the profession because they think it is quite relaxing and has a good pay package. To them, discipline is something that should be taught by the parents. I agree parents have a role to discipline youngsters but teachers also have a great role.

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    Discipline plays a very important role in our life. It moulds and shapes our life in the right direction. Discipline paves the way for success for every disciplined person but it's also a fact that the young generation wants to live a wild life- uncontrolled, unrestrained. Happy go lucky is their favourite style to enjoy every moment of their lives. They are self-confident. They don't want interference or kind of guidance or a package of teachings, rather they want to spend their life on their terms and conditions. They don't require even suggestions from elderly people. But in this situation what an elderly person should do. Should he let them go as they want or should he check their activities. Should they be taught how important discipline is in one's life and offered unwelcomed lectures? I think it's of no use for them, even they will not pay attention to what is told to them. Here I would like to quote the suggestions of a great scholar. According to him if we have to say some good teachings to someone we have to take the following points into our consideration.
    - We should have a pure intention about our sayings to them.
    - We should talk to them at the right time and the right time will be decided by these young people. We should abstain from bulldozing over them
    - Our attitude should be cordial and we should not have any arrogance for the young generation rather we should have empathy for them.

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    Discipline is definitely the most important aspect in our lives and unfortunately many people do not adhere to it including the many young people as specifically mentioned and pointed out by the author. It is a natural tendency to negate or disobey other person even if he or she is telling a correct thing. Every human has got an inherent tendency and desire to negate the viewpoint of others and from that many negative attributes are generated in our lives and indiscipline is one of them. Another source for indiscipline comes from lethargy and laziness. After taking bath I do not keep the towel outside on the stands for drying up because either I think that someone in the house will do it for me or I will use it just like that for 2-3 days and then it would go for laundry. So it is a small example of indiscipline but its genesis lies in laziness only. Another example is that in some houses due to availability of servants or a meek housewife the family members take their food at different times and unnecessarily increase the household work associated with that. They do not stick to fixed timings. They simply enjoy a free life based on someone (even their own beloved family member) else's labour. There are many small and big examples of indiscipline in our lives and right from the top leaders, bureaucrats and celebrities to the poor labourer and worker all are infected with this deadly microbe and all of us are collectively suffering because of that.
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    Discipline must be inoculated within the child so that he becomes well behaved and sensitive to the situation. However, the youngsters cannot be given right training towards discipline unless their parents too follow the same. Preaching and not following the same from their parents would not help their children to be disciplined. Our great leader late Gandhijee used to tell not to preach a child to abstain from alcohol when the preacher himself in the drunken state.

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    Nice thread by the author, the importance of discipline is taught to us from childhood and we also understand from our elders how easy a disciplined life is. It is true that in today's youth, there are some people who have no knowledge of the importance of the word discipline in life, but not all youth fall into this category. Discipline is the main ingredient in any person's success ladder, with the help of which we can cross these steps quickly and reach our goal in the shortest possible time. Discipline brings stability in life which is very beneficial for us.
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