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    What is the criteria for giving 'Bharat Ratna' award?

    'Bharat Ratna' award is the highest civilian award in India. So many famous personalities got this award till now. On what criteria an individual will be selected for this award? Who will select individuals for this award? Is there any nomination procedure for this award. I think this award also given to foreigners also. The name of the award suggest 'Bharat Ratna ' and thus the award should be given to Indians only and why they are given to outside Indians also? Do you think that anybody is there in your mind that they have to get this award?
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    As far as my knowledge goes the Union government has the seperate cell in the Ministry of home affairs which goes into the details of those citizens who made formidable achievement in their respective fields and thier work should have got the name and fame for the country. But over the period of time this great award The Bharat Ratna was misused by the respective govt at the center and tried to announce on those who made great contributions to their party and the govt. Actually if the center seek list of great persons who have done yeomon services to the society in their respective states, I think the list would be large as many unsung heroes are doing the work silently and not even getting the recognition which they should have got. It is high time the govt constitute modalities for this award in future so that eligible persons gets the same.
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    'Bharat Ratna' is a merit-based award, this highest honor or award of the country is given to the winners without any discrimination. Bharat Ratna is mainly given to those individuals who have achieved at the national or international level in certain areas.
    As far as its name is concerned, its name is 'Bharat Ratna', not 'Bharateey Ratna', the inclusion of the word 'Bharat' in the name of the award does not refer only to Indians but refers to the award given by India to various deserving people of the world. A list of such deserving people is given by the Prime Minister of the country to the President and the honor is given by the President to all the winners.
    In our constitution, people who rewarded with 'Bharat Ratna' have been given preference by 7A and they should be given all the facilities which are written in the constitution on the basis of preference.

    Swati Sharma

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    Any Individual without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, profession or gender can be given this award. A person who did an exceptional job in his field of work or service is eligible for this award. As far as I know, no nomination is required for this award. The Prime Minister can recommend the names to the president and the President can finalise the names. Only a maximum of three persons can be given this award in a year.
    I feel the great Telugu actor, NT Rama Rao, who acted in multiple roles and created history in the cinema field deserves this award. He sacrificed his profession and entered into politics and brought fame to the Telugu people. Telugu people got recognition all over the world only after this person became CM of the state. He started a new political party and won over congress just 9 months after starting his party. All Andhra Pradesh people call him ANNA which means brother.

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