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    How would be the life of people living in the border area of a state or a country?

    There are occasions some people have to live in the border areas of a state or even a country. Such people have to face some benefits and also some hardships. What benefits usually they get by living in such places? If an enemy country nearby we can't imagine hardship of such people. Suppose if a friendly country is close to their place what benefits they get? Do you have any experience of living in such places? Do you think living near the border area of a state or country is a blessing for an individual?
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    If we are residing in a border area of a state we can go to the other state also easily. The taxes for various items in different states are different. So I can purchase items from any one of the two states wherever the price is less. There is a place called Yanam,. This is in the East Godavari area but it is a part of Pondicherry, a union territory. The prices of many items are less here. So people staying in the border area will go to Yanam and purchase their requirements. Many people go there to get their fuel tanks of the vehicles filled as the prices of diesel and petrol are very less here when compared to the prices in AP.
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    There is no problem in living in border area except that during some war condition the life suddenly becomes too tough and challenging. It also happens that sometimes the people are asked to vacate and go to safer places. During my childhood I was living in the Indo-China border area in Uttarakhand state (at they time UP) and the war with China started. It was very challenging phase and we were asked to keep the lights off in the night time.
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    Here I want to share two experiences as reported. The distance between the Pondichery and Cuddalore is just 19 kms and being UT the rates were cheaper previously. The Cuddalore which is in TN used to have the state taxes and the product or services rates would be high and thus even for cheaper petrol they used to visit Pondichery. Only few days back I have seen a video where in the border people abetting the Pakistan border were subject to harassment and shelling on many a time. After PM Modi sent the goodwill letter to Pakistan PM Imran Khan the shelling and the harassment has become rare.
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    I think most complicated demarcation of boarder line between India and Bangladesh passes through some villages where even several houses were divided between two countries. Also their homes were in Bangladesh and their fields were in india and still they have no issues while crossing the boarders. Adjacent villages of Nepal boarder would also provide this facility to villagers to go across the border for purchasing some items which were cheaper. I have heard about Rajasthan boarder between Pakistan and I doa that kettles like camels often enter Pakistan territory for grazing and shepherd bring them back without any problem. But when there is tension between India and Pakistan then surely problems raises for these people who reside at the biarders. When both countries are at peace then there is no problems for the villagers residing near boarders on both sides.

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    Living in a border area is sometimes a big problem especially if the relations between those two countries are not cordial. If the border is completely sealed then there is some relief otherwise many problems arise in general as well as opportunities arise for clever people and some of them are as below -
    1. Movement of radical groups, terrorists, and smugglers from one country to other.
    2. Mixing of people of the two countries through marriages and other functions etc which is a big problem infuser for future conflicts and confrontations.
    3. Separatist groups try to take advantage of the local confusion and instigate some tribe for that.
    4. Local leaders also sometimes take sides which is against the main national stream.
    5. Local police would be highly biased.
    6. Only army can help in such situation but then the human protection and other such groups will make a hue and cry for alleged killing of illegal persons across the border.
    7. Some intelligent and smart local leaders will try to exploit the situation and win the election based on the local infiltration and other across the border issues.

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