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    What are the medicinal values of green tea?.

    Tea is a favorite drink of Malayalees. If we get a cup of black tea in the morning in winter, we will be very refreshed. We love milk tea, black tea, lemon tea, and ginger tea. But green tea is a variant of the tea that has overtaken many of these teas. It is said that drinking green tea is good for health. Do you drink green tea regularly? What are the medicinal values of green tea?.
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    Green tea is considered as an important herb and many people take it regularly. It contains many compounds which are said to be very useful for our body from health point of view. Some of the main benefits which are derived from it can be enumerated like - it improves the functioning of the brain, burns the fat in the body, provides the important antioxidants, helps in reducing bad breath, may help in diabetic condition, useful in some heart conditions etc.
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    I have also heard about green tea that it is good for health and protect our body from different diseases etc but what the reality is, it can't be confirmed, however, it can be said that it is better than black tea. It doesn't have so much caffeine as black tea or coffee have. Here I would like to state about Japanese. It is well known that generally, the Japanese have long life span in the entire world. There are habits of Japanese which keep them fit and healthy most probably these may be reasons of their long age.
    - They use water therapy. According which they take one-litre warm water as their first take in the morning and they don't consume any other thing for next one hour. Then take green tea or other people prefer juice etc. Perhaps green tea helps them to live a longer life.
    Some researchers are of opinion that green tea decreases cholesterol and protect from cancer. If it is true then number of cancer patients should be least in Japan in comparison to other countries where black tea is commonly consumed.?

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    As per the information available in the print media as well as internet sites, there are many things said in the praise of this tea which is very much different from the dried common tea we take a few times daily in our lives. Many people have switched to this and claim the benefits. It is said to be very refreshing as well as strengthening the immune system of body through the available antioxidants in it.
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    Green tea is the best antioxidant if used once or twice a day. It may help in reducing the fat and even can sharpen brain due to presence of phytonutrients. Even the doctors are recommending to use this beverage for containing blood sugars. The benefits can be reaped if used regularly most preferable in the morning and evening for getting the health benefits.
    We are habituated with taking spicy and oily causing excess elevation of cholesterol and this can arrest the same.

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    Green tea has become very famous these days. Many stopped drinking normal tea and started drinking this green tea. Many advantages are described by many people. But some disadvantages are also reported. Some people say too much drinking of green tea make cause anxiety and difficulty in sleeping. Some people say too much urination. Vomiting sensation is another issue reported by some people.
    I used to this green tea for some time. But I have not noticed any advantage or disadvantage.

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    What we have been seeing in the television ads featured by Shradda Kapoor that green tea is taken for toning the bulging stomach and that means it would maintain good health.
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