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    Why Mahatma Gandhi didn't get Nobel Peace Prize?

    'Nobel Peace Prize' is one of the World's greatest award given to persons who worked for the peace of the world. Many stalwarts of the world got this prize basing on their work for peace. One of the names come to any body's mind of the people of world is Mahatma Gandhi when they think about peace. But unfortunately, this great apostle of peace didn't got this prize. He fought decades in a non-violent way for the freedom of India. At the same time he worked for the welfare blacks in South Africa. Many great people of the past and present respect Gandhiji for his undeterred determination for truth, peace and non-violence. Recent leaders like Nelson Mandela got this award, why not our Gandhiji? Of course, by giving Nobel Peace Prize to Gandhiji, the value of the award itself will increase. Members, what are the different reasons for not giving Nobel Peace Prize to Gandhiji?
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    I was also wondering as to why Mahatma Gandhi was altogether forgotten by the Nobel peace committee which failed to recognize the importance of father of the nation and they failed to give him the coveted award. Probably having preached non violence and won the freedom without the war, Mahatma was not liked by the Nobel foundation which gives the award. Mahatma achieved the freedom through the gathering of people through his clarion call and probably that might have seen as the instigation by the Nobel committee and hence not given the award. However India demands explanation from them.
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    As per the information available from various sources Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1947, and 1948. At that time he was a very strong candidate for that award. Unfortunately, due to the reasons best known to the Nobel Committee, it did not materialise and a great personality like Gandhiji whom the whole world knew as an angel of peace could not get this prize. It is to mention here that Nobel Committee did not give this prize to anyone against the year 1948. In fact Gandhiji was assassinated by N. R. Godse during that time only.

    The interesting thing is that Nobel Committee was well aware of this omission but they did not try to rectify that. They could have given it posthumously to Gandhiji but now it is too late as the Nobel Committee stopped giving it to anyone posthumously since 1974.

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    This question was there in the minds of many people. I read an article written by the Nobel Foundation, in which this topic was discussed. They say his name came for discussion almost 5 times but couldn't be selected as the committee felt that he was too "nationalistic" or "patriotic". They felt that he worked for his country's freedom more than anything. How far this thinking is correct, I don't know. Anyhow, I feel he might have been given the Nobel prize for peace.
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    Dr.Rao, Even in that case Nelson Mandela also worked for liberty of black people of South Africa and he got Noble peace prize.

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    Mr Ramakrishna,
    I have mentioned want I read in the report. It is not my opinion. So how can I say why they considered Mandela but not Gandhi. The committees may be different and their opinions will differ when people are different.

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    This is really a surprising matter that a person like Gandhiji did not get Nobel Peace Prize whatever be the reasons behind that. The members have given some explanations but the fact is that if Nobel Committee wanted to give it to him then it was a simple affair for them. Just telling that he was too nationalistic or patriotic is all appears like the excuses that committees generally make.
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    Now this Nobel peace prize seems to be of No Importance before the stature of Mahatma Gandhi. Several leaders of the world followed him and got Nobel peace prize. Namely two great leaders Nelson Mandela of south Africa and yasir arafat of Palestine were awarded Nobel peace prize and both struggled for the restoration of rights for their country and people and both were the great admirers of Mahatma Gandhi and both followed his ways of non-violence .
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    Obama who received this Award. Nobel peace prize Award a Nominee name called K.A. Paul (Killari Anand Paul) is an evangelist It is very proud of Andhra Pradesh if he had got the Nobel Peace Award. A man who just passed 8th class and for his bread and butter, he worked as a rag picker in Vizayananagaram district (from North Andhra region) from that he met so many presidents and Prime ministers of different countries and communicate with them regarding peace between the nations in their understandable language. He really deserves a Nobel Peace Award.

    I signed a petition that KA PAUL should be given Nobel Peace Award...

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