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    Do you think Bollywood will get shifted to UP?

    The UP CM Mr.Yogi Adityanath announced building of a new Film City in UP and he requested Bollywood to shift to this city. Do you think the entire Bollywood will shift from Bombay to UP? Mumbai is known from decades or even from before independence is the massive center for cinema industry and business. The cinema industry got deep roots in this city. All the performers of movie industry are well settled there and all world class facilities of movie shooting are located here. Similarly, in the past when AP state is along with Madras, the Tollywood shifted to Hyderabad and now it flourishing. One of the greatest facility, Ramoji Film city is available for shootings. Now as AP is separated from Telangana, some AP producers want to shift movie production to Visakhapatnam. But achieving things is not that easy. Members, what are your calculations for shifting Bollywood to UP.
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    I do not think the Bollywood would shift to the UP as asked by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Mumbai has been the financial capital of India and all the Hindi film Industry top brass are owning homes and staying there for years together. Shifting may not happen that easily as there is no problem whatsoever being faced by the film Industry and they are happy. Yogi might be inducing the film Industry to shift there to enhance his prestige but the Bollywood would stay put in Mumbai. For that matter Hyderabad has also created all facilities for entire film Industry to function from here, but that was not happening. So this will also remain same.
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    I do not think that anyone can shift Bollywood to UP but one thing is possible that we can make another xxxxwood in UP or any other such part of the country where there is no such equivalent thing available. Further by competing with the Bollywood that xxxxwood can become the top one among all such organisations in India and that is fair enough. No one can stop anyone doing that. If any entity is capable to progress it will progress with all its might. Those who want to work in Bollywood will work in that and others can opt out to those new entities. There is full freedom to work in our country but we cannot stop others also doing their work.
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    It is a very long process and very difficult to happen.
    Tollywood shifting from Chennai to Hyderabad was started almost 40 years back. But even today it is not fully shifted. Still, there is some activity in Chennai also.
    The infrastructure and the facilities created in Mumbai are commendable and providing such facilities in another place may not be possible. The same is the case with Tollywood shifting from Hyderabad to Vizag. However nothing wrong with creating some facilities. A good beginning. Some activity will start in other places also. Maharastra also will not accept easily and they will also see that the industry will not move from there.

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    There was a news sometime back that UP Govt was contemplating to make a film city something on the lines of Bollywood and those artists of Bollywood who feel to move from Bollywood to that will be welcome there.
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    UP C.M. has proposed to build a film city in U.P. and also he has invited Bollywood producers, directors and actors and all who belong to Bollywood but I don't think that Bollywood will entirely be shifted to Noida film city. It is impossible in my opinion, however, it is very much possible that they will make their studio in NOIDA film city also and they will make movies here too but they will never leave Bollywood because it is the well-settled film industry.
    I'm sure that it will bring more prosperity to this area where the film industry will be located.
    Prominent Bollywood personalities will face serious problems from fan following. People will go crazy for seeing their favourite actors while doing shooting in different locations in UP, whereas in Mumbai people are no so much crazy for these actors because they are accustomed to watching movies' shooting. A large number of police personnel will be required to provide security for them in UP.

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    Mumbai (earlier Bombay) is home to Bollywood. Bollywood is not going to leave that city in any circumstances. If we consider film city like facilities, then Hyderabad also has one of the largest Film city i.e. Ramoji Film City but Bollywood had not shifted there. Bollywood actors, producers, directors and other artists still live in Mumbai. And most of the shootings are done in Goregaon film city area of Mumbai only. They may shoot in UP's film city being built near Noida but they are not going to shift in any case.
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