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    Is it better to be conservative or aggressive towards the trend?

    We are living in a changing world and there is no doubt that we all have seen various trends in our lives in diverse sectors. As the nation progresses, improves, and develops, it is certain that we will encounter several trends. This gives rise to a very valuable question, what should be our approach towards the trend?

    Broadly we can divide our approach into two factors as a conservative and an aggressive one. In the conservative approach we have limited risk factors as we can take our time to evaluate a trend. For example, we have observed the trend of buying a smartphone. Almost every few months there are new smartphones available in the market to purchase. I have seen people buying smartphones every few months to get updated with new features. We have noted that the new launch of the smartphone doesn't bring great updates but a small feature only (like adding one more camera to the phone etc). Instead, if we apply the conservative approach to buy a smartphone then we can wait for good additional genuine updates to arrive on the market. In this way, we can not only save our hard-earned money but it also allows us not to trap in the trend too. We can see our elders (parents etc.) are more conservative in their approach because experience has taught them how to use trends to our advantage but younger generations take it as that their parents and elders are against the trend.

    Whereas the aggressive approach has further risk factors entailed in it. Considering the above criterion it looks like less experienced people fall into the trap of trend very easily which in effect may cause more harm to money and health as well. Generally, the younger generation has an aggressive approach in their actions. They are less experienced. Their approach is to be with the trend at any cost without giving a second thought. Sometimes aggressive approach may pay off but still, it should not be followed in the initial stages.

    Please discuss what approach is better towards the trend?

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    Apparently, as the trend goes that trends have become integral parts of our lives but the basic question is if we should really run after trend after a trend? What is the point in running after every trend? We are living an ostentatious life which always propels us to follow the latest trend trending around us. The author has taken an example of a smartphone. I agree that every month trend-followers are offered the latest smartphone with some extra or improved features. And the author has divided trend - followers into two categories, namely - conservatives and aggressive. I think the former is prudent and the latter is shifty. Prudent is always in the right direction and shifty is always fickle-minded who can't focus on one target at a time. He keeps on shifting from place to place. In the matter of smartphone money and age, both play an important role. If their money burns a hole in their pocket who can stop them from following the new trend but if a man is considerate he will follow the former group.
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    Conservative approach is the safest as it will have less challenges and difficulties in comparison to the aggressive approach. But if we are seeking for development and progress in real terms then we have to adopt to aggressive approaches also at times.
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    I feel a conservative approach is always better. There may be many new trends coming in and the old ones may be going out. We should think before adopting that trends. We have to keep various factors on our mind. Many factors are to be considered and a few are listed below.
    1. The necessity of adopting that trend: There may be a new item in the market and many people may be purchasing it. It should not be the reason for us. How the item we have as of now is working and is it very much inferior to the new item that has come into the market.
    2. Age is also a factor. There may be a new dressing trend. Before adopting that trend we should think about the suitability of that new dress to our age, profession and physique. Blindly we should not follow the new trend
    3. Financial implications are also to be considered. How much additional money we have to spend on going for the new item. Are we comfortable in spending this money and how it is going to tell upon our financial position? This analysis is also important before we follow the new trend.

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    Additionally, a conservative approach enables us to be with the trend for a long. By taking small steps we can keep pace with the trend so that we can mold ourselves without too much obligation. An aggressive approach may encourage us to be with the trend but may become too risky for the long run. In another scenario, an aggressive approach may provide better results if we pick a trend very soon and take its advantage to strengthen a business as in the preliminary stages there is limited competition.

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    This is also a thread which advises caution in following trends. It suggest not to be aggressive, but cautious, if not conservative in following many developing trends, especially in the matter of health and wealth. It is prudent to read and understand the underlying message.

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