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    What is the difference or similarity between the words complete and finish?

    Complete and finish are two words that appears to be similar in their meaning. But there is a subtle difference in their meaning. Do you have an idea of similarity or difference in the meaning of these words. Members try to analyze the difference in the meaning of these words. To show the difference and understand the meaning of these words, give few sentences of your own for these words.This is a good excercize for us to learn English.
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    I think that they mean almost same and only difference is that they are used in different combination. For example a person participating in a race finishes his end line while a person working in an assembly line completes his part.
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    Both words are synonymous with each other but there should be a subtle difference between these two this is why the author has raised this thread.
    Complete refers to any responsibility given to someone to do a task or work and he fulfils his responsibility by doing it as it was required or directed to be performed but the work is still not finished, furthermore, it might be given to any another person or same person to take the work or task further.
    Finish refers to do any work and after completion, this work will no more be done further as it has come to an end.

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    Both words have some distinctions in their usage. Although the many times we use these words interchangeably because they convey almost the same meaning in any sentence. The 'complete' word may refer to where the sense of accomplishment is needed. Complete words present the fulfillment of something. Whereas the 'finish' word may refer to the end of some task or work. The context of content is an essential factor to determine whether to use finish or complete. An additional point is we can see the completion of anything and on the other hand, it is difficult to see the finished thing. For example, in the context of the command

    Finish the building: in this case building needed to be destroyed.
    Complete the building: in this case building needed to be created.


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    What I feel that the word complete is the task oriented issues or the matters which we were kept pending or not redressed for many days and now came to the end where as the finish is the word which makes perfect meaning that the given task was completed without any delay or excuse. While the complete work may get the rave reviews or even criticism in future for the delay and not taking action in time, the finished work on the other end would not get any such complaints because the work was attended at once and it was given the end card. And we take the difference between the two depends on the person.
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