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    Hero worship in politics is it good for democracy?

    Most of the parties in Indian politics are dominated by single politician whether in state or national level. There is no difference between national or regional parties are dominated by single individuals. Before and after getting independence there are so many leaders who stood heroes in the eyes of people. But after that each party is used to have a single dominating persons in different times. Pandit Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi became heroes for Congress party at different times. Vajpayee, Advani and Modi became heroes for BJP at different times. Whatever Mr.Modi say is very for any body in this party at present. No one dares to oppose his views at present. In a democratic set up all the people of the party has to discuss and decide anything. But in such hero worship situation it never happen. Then is hero worship in parties is good for democracy?
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    There is no democracy in political parties as the author has raised the question I think his assessment is not wrong but I disagree with him that the concept of hero worship existed during Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi period. All leaders had their voice and they were heard. Heroship was started when Indra Gandhi became an extremely powerful politician then people would say Indra is India and India is Indra nowadays many people say that history is being repeated now. Up to how much extent they are right political analysts can explain it better. I know one thing that democracy means that all people have their opinions and they are free to raise their voice and they should be asked to present their opinion before their party. So in every political party, all leaders who belong to their respective political parties should be given equal importance. There is no concept of hero-worshipping in democracy. If the leaders start hero-worshipping then it can be said that there is no democracy in a particular political party.

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    It is the fact that over the period of time the tall leader of any party gains much importance for his performance and high hopes pinned by the cadre and others who feel that there is none other than him who can take the party further to next level. This way the regional and national parties have grown leaps and bounds. But out of all parties the case study of BJP has become more interesting and the cult figure of Modi as the icon need to be discussed. With the elevation of Modi from Cm to to PM the entire scene changed and when Modi wanted Amit Shah as the party chief that made the wonderful difference as the party could garner huge support from mere two seats to formidable self governing party in short period and no going back. So the respect and fame of Modi raised further as there is no second to him across the country.
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    A leader who is extraordinarily versatile and unique in his approach will have a large number of followers. That slowly builds in a hero worship. In that situation generally most of the decisions are taken by him whether the others agree with him or not. This we have seen in work places also where a strong boss dictates the terms and employees keep quite due to the fear of being harmed by him in one way or other. Democracy is a conceptual thing. It is a theory. In practical life things happen differently. Even in a family a tough person at the top will take all the decisions and others will simply agree. There is nothing amusing in that.
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    Democratic principles are based on the group discussions and decisions taken by the people sitting in parliament once they are completely convinced about the proposal and its efficacy in a democratic setup. Once the stipulated majority passes that proposal it becomes a law. There is nothing like dictating in the democracy and the question of hero worship does not arise. Unfortunately, there are some intelligent leaders and also there are some gullible people who have a tendency of following others on a slight pretext of anything that makes them sentimentally or encouragingly a follower of that smart and intelligent leader. It had happened in past and it is happening today also and in future also we will be seeing such trends. Do not we hear the stories of suicide and other extreme steps taken by the followers especially when their leader is defeated or dies. What is that they give up their lives for a leader. It is ridiculous. Giving one's life for saving the country at the border from the enemy forces makes sense but giving one's life just for a leader is amazingly an unbelievable reaction. Hero worship is a strange attribute but it was there and it would remain there till such followers are available.
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    Leader worship was prevalent in our democratic set up in the yesteryear and we had seen the popularity graph of so many leaders like Late Lal Bahadur Sastri, Late Dr Rajendra Prasad, Late Indira Gandhi etc who enjoyed their reputations for their bold steps and maintaining simplicity in their life styles. They became the darlings of the common men because of their selfless services. We have seen how the people were sad in the event of defeat of late Indira Gandhi in the election. In south we have seen the people sacrificing their lives when they lost their mandates in the election.
    However, now the scenarios have changed even the temperaments of leaders have changed significantly. They have even the connections with the criminal people. Majority of leaders are in the habit of amassing wealth with unfair means. They have even lost their credibilities due to their unfair means. They are no more regarded as the great heroes of the time despite their victories in the elections with the connivance of the wrong people.

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    Other than Indira Gandhi, I don't think any of our earlier Prime Ministers acquired a non-questionable status though even during her time she was open to criticism. But with Sri Modi, things have taken a different turn. The followers of the BJP have raised him to such a level where he is being compared to God. A BJP candidate in Kerala was recently heard saying in a television interview that Shri Modi is nothing less than God. She claimed that he is the incarnation of God that has taken birth to save India. In this regime, it is Modi and Modi only. Whatever good things are done by the government is always attributed to Modi only. We seldom hear the names of other ministers in his cabinet. And, including the demonetisation move, we can see many instances where decisions were taken without even informing the concerned ministers/ ministries. And no one questions. Amit Shah has importance for different reasons.

    So, we are witnessing real hero worship during the Modi era. And this, one, as a common man with neutral and balanced views, can say without an iota of doubt, is not at all good for democracy. It is in fact, dangerous because such a system can ultimately pave the way for a dictatorship where everyone just listens to one man and nobody dares to question.

    We do have some such examples at the regional level too but there too the influence and power does have certain limits.

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    Hero worship is very high in politics. Otherwise, they don't have any say or they will not be considered for any post in the party. If somebody talks against Chandrababu Naidu or his son In TDP, he will not be given any importance in the party. If an MLA says KCR is the only talented CM, that MLA will become Minister. This is the way things are happening in all the parties.
    Many parties go by family rule. The chief of the party will be always from the party and the chief will be the hero. I see this family leadership in national parties also. Only there is no family rule in BJP. Today Modi is their hero. Tomorrow another person may become their hero but not from Modi's family. But even in BJP also there is hero worship. The Chief of the party or the PM is their Hero. I think in India we can't avoid it.

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