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    It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen

    Ageing is a normal natural phenomenon and all of us age and slowly our physical and mental faculties start deteriorating and most of us become aware of this fact and sometimes might feel sad also about it thinking that we are now not as strong as we ere earlier. At the same time if we ponder deeply we find that we have accumulated a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills in our lives which though we cannot exert ourselves, we can share with others and may be some younger people or other needy people are benefited by that experience. So we are old now but we have gained also many things in our lives and we should feel happy about those learnings and feel contended. What do the members think about this? Please share your views.
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    Young age is the golden period of our lives. We enjoy every moment every day. We don't stop dreaming and want to reach sky but gradually, we keep on moving and engage in performing responsibilities and obligations, we forget our comforts so much so that infermities of growing age start growing and then we realise that old age is knocking at the door and when old age comes it never leaves us. Several diseases house in us and they become our friends. However, lamenting for old age is not justified. It is essential stage of human life. I agree with the author what experience we have achieved in our lives changes into an asset which we may share with our small kids playing in our courtyard or young generation for their guidance. But it is very much possible that an oldman might be considered as waif lying somewhere in junk. If it happens we should not mind, rather it should be taken as a cool way of young generation.
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    Time does not stop for anyone. With time, we get old. Getting old by age is natural and no one can stop it. Even though we become old by age, we should be young at heart. Whatever physical changes that take place cannot subdue our enthusiasm if we are young at heart. The old-age gives us an entirely different perspective of life. Things like reading books and traveling to new places, give us depth in understanding and enjoying the nature around us more than what we felt at a younger age. Though sad of losing certain physical faculties we can remain mentally active. A lot can be advised to the young but everyone likes to know by himself. That is in one way good also. We should not thrust our views on the younger generation.
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    Aging is good in terms of experience and maturity but the ripening is nice or not is completely depends on fact that how one ripes. Many old-aged people are leading a happy, satisfied, and very healthy life. They have their own funds, friend circle, and a fixed daily routine to follow. On other hand, there are many senior citizens facing many problems in their life. They are financially dependent, have some health issues, and lots of complaints. They are not at all satisfied with their life.
    These two differences come from the 2 different lifestyles that result in two different types of ripening/ aging.


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    The author has raised a very relevant thread. Many seniors feel that their time is up. But a survey report released a few months ago shows that the period from 50+ onwards is the efficient period of one's activity. At first glance, this may seem like an absurd statement to the youngsters. However, in terms of possibilities, the above report cannot be said to be incorrect.
    Young people may be far ahead of the elderly in body fitness. But older people are far ahead of young people in their ability to make quick decisions. This is because the practical wisdom gained from living more than 50 years, helps older ones to make quick decisions on matters. Likewise, those older will be loyal than the young. For young people, life begins with a feeling that the current living conditions are not enough. Therefore, they will be thinking of getting more and more facilities to live in. This does not mean that all young people are like that. This is all about those who work in public institutions, companies, and offices. But in addition to having all of the above qualities, farmers and ordinary adults can pass on to the next generation the skills and lessons they have gained through life. In this way, the new generation can understand many forthcoming issues and remedies in life like they touch their life journey come after and those who understand will be able to follow them.

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    Ageing is the natural the phenomena and we cannot escape from it. However, maturity develops with the age and the same is the case with the experienced doctors, professors, mathematicians and they are always regarded for their experiences. The doctors having wide experience in their field are sometimes consulted during the crucial moment in treating the patients. The young doctors lack that skills what the old ones have earned so far. Hence it is always better to regard the old ones for their knowledge and their accumulated experience. To extract their knowledge would always be beneficial.

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    The most happening and vibrant period in anybody's life is their young age. All will have good energy and spirit to work and make their lives as happy as possible. Slowly as we grow we will lose that energy and spirit also. So we may not be so vibrant. But the experience is there behind. If we try to give peace of mind to the young people, they feel that we are telling them all the outdated methods. This has become more these days due to the exposure young people are getting. They can understand things much better than the old-timers. That is making the old people feel that they are getting ignored.
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