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    Why do people fear death?

    Nobody is eternal and we all know that death is going to happen to each one of us. But none of us know what happens after death. We have only read somewhere that our soul will be free or might have re birth or seen movies were they show many things like going to hell and heaven based on our good and wrong deeds on earth. But whether hell or heaven or re birth there is no scientific proof of anything and everything is based on imaginary things.
    Though we all know we do not feel anything once we are dead, most of us fear the death. What do you think is the reason for this fear? Is it because of the concept of hell and things shown or described about hell or is it because our life is precious that nobody wants to die or could it be people do not want to leave their responsibilities and leave the world?
    If it is a third point that people want to survive to finish their responsibilities, I have seen people who have finished all their responsibilities and still scared of death.
    What do you think could be the reason for this fear?

    Note: I have raised this thread out of curiosity and I am equally scared of death. This is not to make any person feel uncomfortable.
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    Though we cannot know the date of death and way of death, we dance ourselves to this extent that is without honoring, considering others, roaming with head weight, ego. If we know the date and way our actions may get come down or increase further. We do care the death of ourselves only but not of others. Our ethics and ethics related books clearly depicts the picture that the effect of our soul after death and the way of treatment which based on our karmas, that is every action of our present life.

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    Life and death are inevitable to us mere humans. Life is the carriage for happiness however death is the carrier of fear and sadness. Death has been named and put forth as something as inevitable yet to be afraid of, it was named a something dangerous which should not be talked about. Death has become a sign of losing all the things that has mattered to you hence death to most us has been indentified as loss of everything you disire. However as death comes near to one, one establish a correct awareness of its end. I believe death should be feared of because if we will be afraid of nothing and that isn't a human trait.
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    If the prediction of death has not been made by any astrologer, it is well and good. Any exact of death of the same could have created panic so much so that we could even forget doing the daily activities. We could even loose our interest in praying God. Our emotions could have been unpredictable. Hence in our entire life time, we tend to forget the reality of death.
    Except for the accidental death, we are in a position to anticipate its symptoms such as prolonged health issues despite the best treatments. However, we have witnessed many people having passed away without any trouble and people say that they were lucky .

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    When you love something you won't like to be deprived of the same. This is a fact as the majority of people love worldly life- wealth, comforts, luxuries, love, friendship, business, kith & kins and all. Death deprives someone of all these beloved ones which he/she does not like to leave. He/she wants to stay here forever but nobody is immortal, everyone has to die to see what is ready for him/her- hell or heaven- regardless of whether or not someone believes in the hereafter and what is going to happen with him/her, surely, he/she will see everything with his/her naked eyes.
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    We all get thrilled and eager to watch the new born baby and we get into lots of exitement and joy when a family member added to the list. At the same time we are not habituated to part with those who are dear to us and who were part and parcel of our life till now and the sudden death is such which is not believed and liked. Though we know the death has to happpen and cannot be postponed, we still take the person to hospital for the last minute miracle and thus end up in the loss of life and we cannot bear the loss. Death is something to which every one fear because that is the end of the era of that person.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I think it is not fear of death but it is the desire to live long. No person wants to die. Every person wants to live and if possible he wishes there is no death for him/her. But unfortunately, it is not possible. Even though e all know that we are not permanent here we can't come out of our attachments with our family members, the property we made here and the wishes we have may make us have lived as long as possible.
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    The worldly pleasure, indulgences, and attractions encourage us to live long and death is the only full stop which can completely stop us for indulging in these worldly affairs after the stipulated time. In many cultures and religions, death is seen as an inevitable form of compulsion made by the creator of this universe and he calls back his creations once the schedule is completed. Many scholars worldwide belonging to different cults had given explanation to explain and illustrate the story of death and depending upon our understanding and conceptualisations about this mysterious matter, whether we believe in them or not.
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    For most people it is the fear of the unknown which makes them be afraid to die and do everything to stay alive. But then, this fear of the unknown is a deliberately created fear, coming from the evolutionary theories all of which refuse to accept God as the ultimate Creator. In the olden days, the elder ones were able to tell when it was their time to go. They would gather their family members and pass on the mantle/last words/parting message etc. and then promptly die.

    It is rare to find that today as when you don't think there is a God, then the main option is the 'science' so-called which will tell anything and everything without proof to deny God and give you nothing but some more vague theories about death.

    Thankfully we do have some research done by one Dr. R A Moody, presented in his book "Life after Life". It shows an amazing amount on consistency in the things that happen after a person officially/clinically declared dead and then comes back to life. This goes against the science that promotes evolution, so this doesn't get publicized and mostly remains unknown.

    When a person knows about this, there is no fear and in their time of the end, they gladly move on to the next stage. I know from the Easter story that Jesus who came as a human being, lived and died as one, come back to life after 3 days, and gives the victory over death to anyone who believes. The reality of life after death was so real in the days after Jesus time, that many believers who were condemned to death by their oppressors of the Roman empire, sang joyful praises as they met their deaths by fire, animals, sword or whatever.

    While we may find it to be scary from all the things we see and hear from the media, there is really no need to fear death, it has been overcome.

    Be aware that more research done on this topic debunks Dr. Moody's work and explain away the truth as hallucinations and do everything to prevent the presence of the Creator, as this is politically acceptable.

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    Because over the period of years a person plans and implements such permanent source of income and living in happiness with family members , he simply forgets that we are temporary staying persons on this earth as sooner or later we are going to leave the world taking nothing with us. There are some people around us who are going on accumulating the assets and income source for their family members as if they are going enjoy and stay for longer period and one disease would take away all that which was saved and thus greedy to stay more would teach us a lesson for sure.
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    Death has a simple meaning, with the end of this life and the end of life, the end of everything that is associated with us. When we are living life, it is very strange to realize that after some time it will all go away from us and the biggest irony is that we do not even know when that time will come when we have to leave everything and say goodbye to the world. Death is not an element that a person faces, again and again, it comes only once and life ends. In general, human nature is such that there is a fear for the event that it does not experience. But no one can share the experience of death with anyone and every person is afraid of it.
    Swati Sharma

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    People should not fear from death because it is inevitable and we don't have any control over it. Rather, they should focus on present and enjoy it fully in entire life. But still people fear death, because they are not aware what will happen after that. Generally, people face fear and excitement towards thing that are uncertain or if there is less knowledge about it. Death is one among it, no one knows what happens after it. There might be some people who are not fearing from death and enjoying their life fully. So, we should also follow the same trend. Seize the day and enjoy it to the fullest, forget about the fear of death.
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    Evolution theory or "Darwinism" is a desperate try to explain the existence of life on earth. This theory serves as the scientific foundation for the philosophy of "Materialism" that rejects the existence of God the Creator and call for no God and life is nothing but matter which is the essence of everything, organic or inorganic. The evolution theory depended mostly on the person's powers of imagination due to the lack of high technology at that time. After the discovery of inheritance laws by Gregor Mendel in 1865 and the discovery of DNA in the 1950s, the evolution theory collapsed. This is because DNA molecule and cell construction are so complex that it is impossible to believe that such complexity could happen by chance through the evolutionary mechanisms proposed by Darwinism. Thousands of scientists around the world refuted the evolution theory and many books have been written to clarify its invalidity. Nowadays evolution theory is nothing but history.

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    Evolution theory is very much alive and will always stand to deny God, the spiritual world that is unseen to us. If it is history, why is it still taught as science? Why are the exposed fakeries of evolution (not just Darwinian) still assigned relevance and veracity?

    They will say death is a process of evolution and you are worth nothing but a piece of statistic. The Creator, who will always be around, considers each person to be unique, of value, of worth and of respect – that is why each of us have the freedom to choose whatever path of life, godly or ungodly, for good or evil or in between, lawful or unlawful etc.

    Death is a process when one goes from the physical world as we know it into the spirit world which is very much around us but rarely seen. We don't see it much because it has been brainwashed into us by the evolution promoters worldwide, so much so that when anyone speaks against it, there is massive trolling. But the truth still stands.

    In some communities, the people celebrate the death as a happy occasion, knowing the dead person has gone on to his reward, and in a better place where the justice system has no thumb on the scales. I like that.

    I know for sure that life after death involves operating from a different dimension, learning the ability to 'fly' and walk through solid walls, become visible to humans and communicate with them.

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    Maybe we are not trained for this could obviously be the reason that we are afraid of death.

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    To answer the question by the author without going into the evolution theory or the spiritual angle, I think Bala has said it right that we fear death because it comes unexpectedly and we do not know what happens after death. It is the fear of the unknown. It is like the fear of darkness because we cannot gauge what is around us or what is happening in front of us. From what I have noticed, as a common man, people can realise it when death comes calling. They may not be able to express their emotions at that time but they very well know that their time has come. And at that moment, the inherent fear probably wanes off and they get mentally prepared to accept the ultimate truth. We all know that death is inevitable but we look at it as a monster hiding somewhere to pounce upon us some time and that is what creates the fear in us.
    'To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.'-Confucius

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