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    It is very difficult to change an adamant person

    A friend of mine since my college days got married late and have a girl child now. The lady hails from Western India and is not well educated. He married that lady without worrying about the language etc. but the lady totally changed my friend according to her culture. This friend is not even permitting us to his house by obeying her words. He changed even his food pattern etc. Now their child who is studying in the fifth standard is struggling herself in school as her father and mother do not care about her education. When we happened to hear this we asked our friend but he lethargically replied that it is her fate. He never questions his wife though he knows she is wrong. The mother now makes the child gets beaten up by the father by citing petty reasons. We are all feared about the future of the child. What can be done in this situation?

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    We see such persons here and there. They never care for anybody and whatever they think is right they feel. They never care for any relations and after-effects.
    One of my relative's wife is also like that. He never cares for her husband also. She gives importance to her way of living only. Her husband tried many ways to change her. But failed.
    The family members in such families struggle a lot and they will never have peace of mind.

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    My father used to say that it is difficult to wake up a non sleeping person and likewise it is difficult to convince a admant person as he has already made up his mind not to listen to anyone. By not compromising their thoughts, nor they think about others suggession these eccentric people would not mind behaving in strange manner and thus loosing the friendship of many. In every home the adamant persons are there and they group with others in the society and they raise such voice which are against the thinking line of normal persons and thus people would get rid of them sooner or later.
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    Adamant people feel only they are right and gake correct decisions always. They never see the negative side of their thoughts nor try to understand their mistake. When you try to correct a adamant person or try to make him realize his mistake, he will always have a justification to prove himself right and that is how such adamant people will never ever change no matter how much you try.
    But such a behavior if affecting family will really have a big impact of the children. The little girl might be going through a lot and might also be scared to share with anyone. The girl needs some support, love and care. She needs someone with whom she can open up and talk to, someone who can understand her. Otherwise, she will definitely have issues in future like depression, or extreme issues or extremely stubborn etc. Try talking to your friend about this and try to make him understand to be little friendly to the small girl.

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    There are some people who are very adamant and will not listen to others and will dictate and dominate the scene. In a family sometimes it happens and when other members surrender to that particular person then he or she rules in the house. Actually any such relation should be spent in a cordial and accommodating manner with each other for the common interest of the family and all the members should share the various responsibilities so that there is not only an overall progress of the family but also the atmosphere remains congenial and peaceful. One single adamant person will spoil the atmosphere and the result will be many set backs for the family like neglecting the education of children, not caring for each other, do not take interest or participate in decision making process as the adamant person will not allow anyone to do that, do not bother for the friends and society, an atmosphere of fear and apprehension in the house etc.
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    How parents can treat their child so badly it looks bad. He is not adamant, rather, he an uxorious person who has changed himself for the sake of his wife. I don't think if it is wrong why he has changed his food habits and why he loves his wife so much, why he does not allow his friends to enter his home because his wife doesn't like his friends but the objectionable point is why he and his wife don't take care about their daughter and why they don't properly raise their daughter. It is not his friend only but also his wife - both are responsible for playing with the future of their daughter. She should be given proper education and her problems should be sorted out by her parents.

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    Even though the husband is aware is aware of the wrong approach of the wife, he does not want to raise any objection the first being is that he does not want to displease his wife and secondly he does not have any guts to tell her to correct herself with existing behaviour. It is really unfortunate on the part of the daughter that she is being beaten up by her father due to some silly mistakes. This will definitely change her personality and she may be a lady of fearful temperament. The fault lies with the couples. They would not change themselves even if their child is spoiled. The grandparents should take the active roles in changing the family atmosphere so that the child grows in a healthy atmosphere.

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