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    Why our attention are on the oneside only

    In many situations, it is widely told that the marriages should be solemnized simply. It was commented badly on the marriages earlier solemnized for two days etc., The argument as it is a waste of time to many may be acceptable on one side but the marriages are made once in life time and it should be done with gathering of friends and relatives. Expenses on account of jewels, dresses etc., could be controlled but inviting friends and relatives cannot be curtailed and friends and relatives should never avoid the marriage functions. Celebrating a marriage feeds many people like marriage hall owner, electrician, cook, contractors, vegetable vendors, grocery vendors, music band people, above all we can have the satisfaction of feeding our relatives at least on this occasion as we cannot call them or feed them on another situation.
    We should never forget this was the main reason of solemnizing the marriages in those days.
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    It is good to celebrate marriage in a grand way so that many people will have some income. But we should not take loans and perform marriages in a big way. Repaying those loans will become a big problem. A rich person can spend as much money as he wants and perform the marriage function. But poor or middle-class people spending too much money by taking loans for this purpose is not advisable.
    At the same time, we see a lot of wastage of food in these functions. It is also should be avoided. Donating food to the poor during the marriage function is also good service and the couple will have the blessings of those people also.

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