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    How do cover easily your syllabus

    When exam comes closer. All students concern about your syllabus. So there some simple ways to cover your syllabus with in time

    Calculate how much time left in your exam.
    Find out syllabus
    Find how much syllabus have been did nd how much left
    Now you have know about you how much do prepare
    Divided time to your each separately, which subject is tuff for you given extra time.
    Divide your syllabus in three categories
    Strong - most understanding
    Good - understand
    Week - some time you forget.
    So now which syllabus most understanding and easy for you give less time in your schedule.
    Don't give more time (only for revision).
    Gives more time which syllabus or subject is typical for you. Help for your tutor and friends to make easy this.
    If you manage your time according your ability then You can cover your all syllabus within time
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    Good suggession and tips given by the author and covering entire syllabus for the exam may not be possible. What I usually advise others is attempt the short answers and the objectives which would relieve the pressure of the exam and at least pass mark is assured. Then attempt the long answers to which one must be attentive in the class room lectures and if one followed the teacher and jotted down the notes, surely other questions must be easy to answer and thus every exam can be passed this way. So attending the classes and making note of what the teacher said is very important.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Planning your studies is always important for any student. Staring studying early and completing the syllabus well before the examinations is the best way. Such students will have peace of mind during examinations and they can fare well in the examinations. Understanding the subject is the best way rather than making the subjects by heart. Studying the subject and getting clarifications for the doubts will make the student confident.
    Don't sit with only one subject throughout the day. Give more time to the subject which you feel hard and less time to other subjects. That will help you in completing all the subjects on time.

    always confident

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    Welcome Dr Sonam to this educational portal and happy to see that you have made your first post itself related to educational matter. You can find all the details here by visiting help pages and of course you can raise a post for anything you want to get information about this site and it's functioning. I wish you a good time here and hope you contribute more and more in coming times.

    Coming to your suggestion, yes, the student has to take the remaining time seriously and distribute the syllabus load in that time and start preparing but in my opinion it would be too taxing to prepare so much in the remaining time and the best strategy will be to prepare from the day one that the academic session started. In fact, for competitive examinations like IAS or state Public Service Commissions, a student has to prepare right from when he is in class IX or so. For scoring high in examinations a long time strategy coupled with repetitions is to be preferred.

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    In the recent times I have noticed students want very quick results. They believe with last minute study they will atleast clear the subject. When the academic starts, they start the year with good enthusiasm. But gradually their enthusiasm and inspiration level decreases and they are more influenced by the surrounding circumstances. However the teacher is excellent, but any tips or suggestions will go in vein without being self inspirational. Most of the educational institutions are only result oriented. Students are dependent on readymade notes. With this pressure teachers are held responsible for the out come for not providing the relevant study material. This inturn is actually taking away the creative thinking from students/children. Self learning is one of the major features to be cultivated by students since their childhood. The tips given in the above thread are excellent but to keep them motivated and self inspirational is becoming harder and harder!!!

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