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    Cash siezures by the police made parties to go for online transfer of money

    As TN elections are coming closure, the disbursement of cash for vote is gaining momentum and though the police are siezing the cash while frisking and checking at the village and town out posts, the parties are now going for the online payment and taking the promise from the voter that they would vote for them. Now that the mobile number is with the party concerned the voter cannot fool the party and could be caught for not votiing if violated the promise. This way the parties are making sure that they win the TN elections for sure and not for their promised works.
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    Mohan, how can the political parties ensure the votes just because they have the phone numbers? How would they come to know as to whom has the person cast his vote for? Please clarify.
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    The money is distributed through the local confident of the party and therefore the voter behavior is known.
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    If it is the Village Panchayat election, there are some chances to know who voted to whom. That too not 100% confidently. It is impossible to know who voted for whom in Assembly elections and Parliament elections.
    Another issue is online transfers will be known to the IT department and banks also. Tomorrow they can question why so many transfers from the accounts? What answer they can give, I don't understand.

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    Mohan, what do you mean by voter behaviour? The political inclination of a voter may be known to others but how will one come to know as for whom one has voted? That is the point on which I am seeking clarification. Your response at #727068 does not add any clarity to the point raised by you in the thread about the online transfer, mobile number and all that stuff. Please elaborate instead of simply giving one-line unconvincing replies.
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    Everything is fair in politics. Distributing money among voters before elections by political parties is not new practice, even liquor also provided. Generally, money is transferred to voters through booth level political leaders who have direct contact with the voters but some voters play game with politicians also, they take money from more than one politicians and enjoy their party with friends or families. Who do they vote for this secret is known to them only.
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