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    What about fundamental duties?

    as we all know that our constitution is made after the proper study of the rule system of world's different countries. As an example we can see that the concept of fundamental rights has been taken from the constitution of America as well as the concept of fundamental duties has been taken from the constitution of of Ireland.
    As we observe various group of people fighting for their fundamental rights but have you ever seen fight for fundamental duties? I think rarely or possibly not. I want to point out throw this post that what are the basic needs of country and how that can be fulfilled. According to my thinking level if Everyone adopts his or her fundamental duties then this country we will surely achieve the status of developed country.
    So I invite all of you to discuss various problems of country and how that can be solved by fundamental duties, I think this topic will go for or a healthy and long discussion.
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    The Constitution of India is a written constitution that has to explain to us our duties and rights through various articles. Regarding the rights given by the constitution, every citizen asserts his / her right, but when it comes to fundamental duties, some citizens start running away from their responsibility.

    Its biggest example can be seen from the present-day situation. Today, when the whole country and the world are disturbed due to the corona epidemic, every person expects his government system to be protected them from the virus soon, and for this, every person is fighting for his right to protect himself.

    But when this government is asking us to follow some rules for our safety like - wearing masks, following social distancing, etc., which are our duties, then people are showing this negligence. There are many examples where if a person performs his fundamental duties honestly, then the country will progress along with itself.

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    We all talk about our rights but we never think about our responsibilities. We expect our parents to care of us till we become self-sufficient. But we will conveniently forget our responsibility of taking care of our parents in their old age.
    Similarly, we expect many things from the government but we never do what we have to do as a citizen. We try to avoid paying tax as much as possible. We never ask for a bill when we make a purchase as we have to pay tax if we ask for the bill.
    As per our fundamental responsibilities we have to protect the environment. We should not destroy natural resources. But how many of us care for this. We never worry about the environment if we are comfortable.
    We should protect the public properties. But when there is an agitation our first target is the public property only and we target to damage them. But we never understand that is our money only.

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    When the citizens harp on their fundamental rights they fail to give credence to their fundamental duties. For example every citizen raise to question the govt regarding shortage of services and infrasturcture and demand implementing the development activities, but they have never realised to vote for the right candidate and right govt. In India the voting percentage in any election range between 55 to 60 percent and what about those 40 percent who enjoy the benefits of the other voters and keep on questioning the govt about the failures through media and the social media.
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    I appreciate the author for his thinking that instead of considering what fundamental rights are given to us by our constitution, we should, rather, consider what fundamental duties we have to perform. Indeed, Everybody is free to use his rights of freedom but where his freedom ends someone else freedom starts. We should not encroach freedom of others while enjoying our right to freedom. How we can become good citizens, we should consider this issue also. We should involve ourselves in constructive activities and we should refrain from any type of destructive activity. We should work for the people, community, society and the country.

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    For the progress and prosperity of the country both the things are required in equal proportion that is the fundamental rights as well as fundamental duties. Everyone cries for fundamental rights but are we performing our duties also sincerely and honestly that is the question which comes in the mind often. One thing is that if the Govt makes stringent rules and administers good governance then it is possible to make people to perform their fundamental duties but I strongly feel that as a good citizen it is our duty to contribute in that direction ourselves without waiting forceful and stern measures from the Govt.
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