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    Both discussion and study are important.

    Nowadays, competition is increasing in every field and at the same time, every youth is also becoming more aware of their career. Every student wants to see himself at the forefront of success, but sometimes even after hard work, some children are left behind due to a lack of proper strategy. As time changes, there are changes in the syllabus as well, we all know that but one more thing which is important is that there is a need to change the way you study over time. Books are our best friends, this is true, but the discussion is also important in current times. Along with studying your related subjects, discuss that topic or subjects with your classmates or friends as well, it definitely leads you to success in a new form. But during these discussions, do not consider yourself as the most superior and knowledgeable, because every time, we learn more in the discussions more than that we already know.
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    Studying the subject and understanding the same is very important. Without understanding the subject reading and remembering is not correct. This understanding of the subject will be easy if we discuss the subject matter with other persons.
    Some people will never participate in discussions. They will be hearing only. Hearing is good but we should also practice talking so that we can air our views freely and we will also become good speakers. Once you study and discuss, you will definitely get a good grip on the subject.

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    I agreed discussion is very important along with studies. If only studies, there are chances that a student might just by heart the answers or study for the sake of exams. There are also chances that a student might forget what he had studied. With discussion, one tends to remember more as the topic will be discussed in depth. Also, when each person discusses what they know and have understood about the subject then everyone in the group will know more than what they have studied. Also it becomes easier to remember. One should always discuss and do some group studies which will be very helpful.

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    A very apt post by the author. I totally agree with the author. In the era of competition it has become impossible for everyone to restrict themselves only to books, no matter how important books are, when you don't have different point of views and real life examples of a topic you will be left behind. Books help you to grab the topic, get to know about their history and so while when you discuss your topics with other who are similar you might get a better viewpoint to look at things as well a bunch of examples that will help you improve your understanding. I also agree with the author in terms of not considering oneself as superior to others, in a discussion everyone is at the same state and none can be considered above that other, they all have a common understanding and interest to learn and improve. Hence, discussion plays a vital role to improve our knowledge.
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    I agree that discussion is good to improve knowledge but was to discuss and what to discuss. Does the author mean that students should discuss how to go for competition or related issues? I think students who are preparing for any competition should share their issues in the forum section and may discuss them with knowledgeable members. I hope they will be given the best guidance for their upcoming competitions.
    Primarily it is the responsibility of their teachers to discuss these issues with them but they are confined in the syllabus only. In the present educational scenario, good teachers are considerate enough to guide students on how they have to face competition in the real world where thousands of other competitors will be their opponents. This is the field of healthy rivalry where they have to soar up from the crowd. When they come out from this crowd and chosen as successful candidates it augments their self-confidence and self-reliance.

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    What I feel that instead of discussion and study, the listening makes much sense and that can relieve 50 percent from the students. Invariably it is found that the students are not attentive in class and what the teacher says is not jotted down in the books. If the teacher is followed with rapt attention and writing the finer points of what was said, a student can score good marks. I am totally against the the discussion part suggested by the author because in the name of discussion the personal topics would come in and that would wastage of time and deviation from the sincere studies as the students should not take chance to waste the time. And even the studies should be point wise remembrance and not through by heart procedures. One can always expand the contents with the points and what the teacher said can be added to score good marks for sure.
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    When we study a particular topic then we try to understand the basic things illustrated there and try to grasp it superimposing it with our available background knowledge. At times, it would be possible to do so but some other times it is also a fact that we do not understand some of the things or concepts mentioned there and then we require help from some quarter in such a way that our doubts are cleared and we smoothly sail ahead in that learning process. So, to mitigate the situation we have to go either to a teacher or senior students or our colleagues whatever the case may be and discuss with them the issue. During discussion, as different people have different understanding and approach to a subject or topic, it often happens that our doubts are cleared. So a healthy discussion will always be fruitful in removing our doubts about any topic and I would prefer that study and discussions should go hand in hand.
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