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    Schools can't reject joining students on the basis of indiscipline

    Madras High Court gave a clarification to Schools management that the joining of students can't be rejected on the grounds of indiscipline. A woman filed a petition that a Thanjavur-based school rejected the application of her son joining 11th class based on the complaints of indiscipline during his study of previous class in the school. The students may be with indifferent attitudes, may be problematic, maybe highly indisciplined but the schools can't run away from the responsibility. It is the prime duty of the school to handle and manage different segments of students. The schools have to give more importance to the all-round development (personality) of students rather than the academic balance sheet. Only in case, a student presence is a threat to the other students of a class and that will come under indiscipline gave clarification by the High court. Do you think this verdict will put a lot of pressure on the school management and teachers?
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    It is the fact that every school strictly follow their rules regarding admission and they not only seek the conduct certificate of previous school education but also inquire about the student over the phone or e mail. Normally the private schools have the association and the Principals would meet regularly to chart out any information. More over any fees hike or any other matter are discussed regularly and therefore HC giving ruling on this matter may not be acceptable to the schools. Because one bad boy joining the school would spoil the entire atmosphere and damage the school reputation.
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    Who is responsible for making the students disciplined? Is it the responsibility of only the parents? Teachers are also equally responsible for the physical and mental well-being of the children and the Madras High Court has rightly said so. Teaching was considered a noble profession earlier but now many teachers join the profession because of the pay package and the comparative relaxation from other government jobs. Many of them think the duty of the teacher is only to teach a student and clarify the lessons so that they can score well in the exams. Is it really so? If it is really so then there wouldn't be so many revered teachers from yesteryears. The role of the teacher is to help to build the character of the students so that they can become respectable citizen of the nation. When this basic concept has been forgotten the judiciary had to step in to remind all the importance of teaching.

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    Primarily, parents are responsible for making their children disciplined, and when a child is admitted to any school then the responsibility also falls in school to make the child disciplined. But if a particular child has been spoilt due to undue love and affection of his parents then certainly this question will arise if teachers can change a spoilt child into a disciplined student? He can affect other students also in the class by his indiscipline and ill activities. Now, giving punishment to a student is a criminal act by law. In this situation what the school management can do? They can inform his parents that he is creating a nuisance in the class the other students are being affected by his ill activities. But in private schools, parents are more powerful than school management because they are giving business to the school management.
    This verdict of Madras High Court will be proven conducive for indiscipline in school. if the students know about this verdict they may create a nuisance in school and school management can't expel them from school. But since these schools are opened for earning the money so the burden goes back to school management.

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    I appreciate the verdict of the court. Parents are the first teachers of the kids and then come teachers. Kids learn from them. So when a kid is doing wrong or going on the wrong side it is the collective responsibility of the parents and the school to set them right. When I was in high school, teachers used to punish the student who was indisciplined. Parents never used to interfere. But the situation is different these days.
    Unfortunately, these days parents don't have time and teachers never take responsibility. So erring student is not able to know his mistakes. So the problem is with the schools but not with the kids.
    The judgement may not be liked by many teachers and school managements. But whether you like or dislike you have to honour the verdict of the court.

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