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    It never lasts for long, hence it's a trend

    Those who watch videos on Youtube on a regular basis may tell what kind of videos are trending these days. The same is applicable for the viewers of news channels on televisions. On various social media platforms, there is an option to like or subscribe to a particular trend and if you are a follower of a trend you might be doing it regularly. Many people follow some trends because they wish to identify themselves with those trends. There are people who do not have much idea about the trends and remain busy with their own activities. There are also people who are very much aware of the trends but do not follow the trends. They have their own way of executing things. Remaining uninfluenced and nonchalant is something that requires a lot of attention and also practice. The interesting thing is trends do not last for a long time; they depend a lot on time and situation. They come and go just like the regular ups and downs in our lives. Therefore, to follow or not to follow a trend is your choice but remember it's only a trend and not a goal that you have to reach.

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    I agree, trend keeps changing and it vanishes as quick as it became trending. One should wisely choose whether or not to follow a trend as it is not gonna take us anywhere. Whether we follow trend or do not follow, we have to do our regular work and hence make sure our routine is not spoilt just in following and observing a trend.
    I know a example were a game called PubG was trending and many people were so much into the game that they would spend sleepless nights to play it and also skip the meals. There was a boy who was in his PU 2nd year and was also addicted to PubG and spend most of his time in playing it. When someone asked him what is so interesting about it, he said, "you don't know the trend uncle, it is a very interesting game and very trending among youngsters ". But due to his addiction, he failed in 5 subjects and wasted a year.

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    These days trends are changing very fast. Some will vanish very fast and many people even will not notice this also. But some will be there for a long time. One should not waste his time and money on these trends. I feel it is not a good habit. A good submission from the author. One should concentrate more on their own goals rather than following these trends.
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    As mentioned by the writer that trends do not last for long and keep on changing and I do agree with it. It is also to note that there are many trends that do crop up again after a certain period like the old fashion, certain food, housings, etc but many do come, catch the market or eye and do fade away in the same way. When we talk about things we watch on social media, they have a setting wherein they provide us the type of videos that we keep on watching or surf. It can be serials, motivational speeches, games, movies, songs, dance, TikTok videos, religious articles, job vacancies, cooking, etc. Nowadays, every social platform has its setting that provides us with videos or clips that we surf through their AI approach. But it is true that many do keep track, some do not bother while some follow. It is all up to us whether to keep, ignore or follow the trend.
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    The author has written about ongoing trends on different social media platforms, especially, on Facebook. A trend is running to upload immodest videos and images and I feel shy to click such videos by mistake but I immediately come out of them. I don't know what is happening at this age. There should be a limit to something which is not respectable at all, at least, in our society. Why parents do not keep an eye on their sons and daughters. A girl who uploads her video on an open platform to let everybody watch. Why parents have forgotten their responsibilities. Can they run from all these strange activities of their sons and daughters? Since morning such ugly videos I clicked on Facebook by mistake. What kind of message is being circulated? Don't we think that we are also responsible for all these indecent trends?
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    The author has rightly said that trends are temporary happenings and would not stay long and for that reason the twitter hash tag topics would last for one or two days and they are called trending topics. If the trend has the powerful message or the source to testify, the trending may even become the news and that would be sustaining. One thing is sure trending topics would be more connecting to the people and the keep on sharing the same till it becomes the matter to discuss in detail. Whether is trending or not the topic need to be understood more in depth and analysed for future discussion.
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    Some trends are short lived while some trends are evergreen and we have to select from them the one which are useful to us and help us in achieving our goals and objectives in our lives. Trends generally change with time as there are so many factors which influence them and it is not necessary to simply flow with them. We should only adopt them when we find that they have some purpose and utility for us.
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    The thread emphasises that "The interesting thing is trends do not last for a long time".
    This is true in current times. It needs quick response also. Those who use the opportunity at the proper time are benefitted.
    The thread gives a conclusive message that "to follow or not to follow a trend is your choice but remember it's only a trend and not a goal that you have to reach". A rejoinder too.

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