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    Have you noticed any changes after the #MeToo movement start?

    MeToo movement was started in 2017 were most women shared the way they were exploited or abused physically. To our shocking surprise, many celebrities also joined the MeToo movement and dragged many of their co actors or producers name who had used them or exploited them. Even common people have shared their dark experiences that they had never shared before. With this movement, many were shocked to see the dark side of how a women is treated, they realized how unsafe a women is in any part of the world.

    With this MeToo movement, though all the experiences were shared in order for women to raise a voice and try to stop the abuse, was there any changes after that? Do you feel some action is taken to safeguard women or are there any strict laws that can punish the culprit?
    Has this MeToo movement just remained as movement or is there any improvement in behavior towards the women?
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    I totally agree with the author what she has written about exploitation of women in different sectors. In film industry some of the actresses have quite boldly have accepted that no actress can escape from physical abuse or casting couch as it is normal for getting roles in film industry. In most of the private business organisations the same situation is there for employment, promotion and increment in salary. Man's world is highly cruel. I have bitter experience in this regard which I observed in some private sectors where girls are physically abused, even in some of the business establishments they are used as the source to recover the outstanding payment from the parties. If they are not ready they may leave the job or if they want to continue they have to do what their seniors ask them to do.
    Young women, especially, those who desperately need a suitable job are helpless to compromise. This is the dark side of this man's world

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    I do not think that that Me too movement has brought any changes in the govt or the people who have been affected got the justice as the cases were booked and the outcome has kept secret. As most of the cases were of big and named persons in the society probably the cases were buried and not made public but those who have been affected by the abuse have lost their name and fame in the public and they are seen with the sore eyes. The Home Ministry must take those cases and investigate the same through the fast track courts so that the justice be done to the affected persons who came out in open and said.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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