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    It will not happen to me and my family!

    In this world it is a normal thing to encounter difficulties, challenges, problems, unforeseen circumstances, occasional disasters (natural or man made) time to time in our lives and it is only a matter of chance or good luck that some people have more such encounters while some lucky ones have less misfortunes. At the same time we do not know what would happen in the future and the luckier lot may face problems more than others and then people would say that now their bad time has come. Anyway, the point I am driving at is that we should be mentally prepared for any unforeseen or unfortunate thing in our life reason being that there are so many unknowns and mysteries about which we know nothing and have no control on them. For example, the second wave of corona is now there but there are some people who feel that it would not catch to them or their families. Some of them believe that as they worship their God and offer money in the religious places, God will take care of them. Others think that as they are doing Yoga and taking natural things daily so they will not catch it and in that overconfidence they arrange birthday parties, marriage parties, marriage anniversaries, picnics, get to gather etc and invite others and believe that none of them will catch it as they are the blessed ones. Unfortunately this is a big misunderstanding and misfortune for the family, friends, and relatives of such a person as there is nothing left except repenting when this kind of socialising shows its infectious trends among those who were involved in those fun and frolics. I feel that people should be out of that misunderstanding and behave properly and take precautions in this situation. Due to economic and business reasons if the Govt is not declaring lock down then it does not mean that we feel free to do whatever we want. What is the opinion of the members in this regard?
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    It will not happen to me and my family is a very wrong concept. Anything may happen to anybody at any time. We don't know what is our destiny. We can't keep the open lamp in the heavy wind and expect it to glow. We should protect it properly from the wind. Then only it will continue to glow. My father in law was very healthy. He was very strong. But he dies in his 49th year because of a heart attack. He milked a cow and there itself he fell down and died within a few minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes only family members noticed him. This is destiny.

    Many people say if you are careful you will be safer. So from our side, we should be careful and follow all the guidelines so that chances of facing a problem will be less.

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    Some people are taking the second wave of corona threat very lightly and risking not only their lives but the lives of others also. The threat is there and now it is increasing just like the last time but last time due to various measures it was contained to some limit but now we are not having severe lock downs and other measures and if people do not take care then the virus spread may increase beyond proportion. I wish all the people take it seriously. Parents specially have to explain it to the children so that they do not mix with other children without taking the basic precautions.
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    My personal observance says that those who were over confident during the first corona wave and not taken sufficient care were now affected and not only them, who ever they come into contact with them are totally effected and now repenting for not taking care. What is more surprising that those who have taken the first dose of vaccine has also been affected thereby questioning the very effectiveness of vaccine. What ever it is we cannot say that the virus will not affect us. As far as the vaccine is not completed implementing across the country the virus would stay and spread for sure.
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    The vaccine is said to be effective only to 70-80% of the people who have taken it. Moreover, the protection by vaccine will start only after 45 to 55 days of first dose. My request is that these two points are to be understood very clearly by everyone.
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    We all have to remain cautious and should not be overconfident. We need to take all precautionary measures and follow the guidelines in place. No need to think 'I am lucky' because luck is not in your control and nobody knows what is in store for the future. We can control those things which are in our control. We can control the volume of our television set by pressing a button but there is no such thing in the case of spreading of COVID-19. You can take all the precautions but cannot say who will be affected or not. This thread is a reminder to all so that we do not go overboard and carry out activities thinking everything has become normal.

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    What the author has said about some people who think that they and their family will remain protected from any pandemic or any dangerous viral disease. It is wrong to think so. It is being said that once again coronavirus is spreading in our country. I have also heard some people saying this but I don't know whether or not it is true. Do you think ongoing and upcoming elections should be postponed until the danger of pandemic is over? When elections will not be held then political rallies will also not be held and we know that a large number of people are gathered at a big place in rallies. In this way, people will remain safe and secure from any danger of the virus. It is also to be noted down that the crowd mainly comes from the lower class if they are infected with the virus they can't afford the expenses of treatment.
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    Overconfidence can be detrimental. Whether first or second, we have to be properly prudent and take precaution.
    It is for our safety and for others safety. We have to continue this until here is found a sure cure for the infection and/or all the population on the globe is inoculated against the virus effectively and people have developed full immunity.

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    We are passing through the uncertain stage and it would be a wrong impression that we will not be infected with corona since the vaccine has been administered and while going outside enough protection is needed. It would be a wrong assumption that vaccine would be effective immediately. It would take at least 45 days to be effective in the system. Overconfidence will result in a serious mistake and for which we would have to pay even our lives.
    We would soon see its reversal stage when the second phase of vaccination is administered to the age group of 45 -60 being the most vulnerable group of infection. We need to wait until the vaccination of this group is completed effectively.

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    A very aware thread has been posted by the author based on the current situation. It is good to have a positive attitude towards yourself and also to trust in your God, but this does not mean that a person starts careless. That too at a time when a little carelessness can bring trouble to you and your family. It is the responsibility of the person to faithfully follow the instructions given to avoid epidemics, otherwise his own, as well as society, can be put in danger. It is not so tough to follow these rules like using a mask and keep social distancing, avoid crowds, etc. but people still behaving carelessly.
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