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    Change your attitude with the changing trend

    Trends influence our society tremendously. They exist in every field of life like in our lifestyle, fashion, science, medical science, education, etc. Trends always change with time and several new trends come into existence that replace old trends. They may be good or sometimes bad too. Youths are greatly influenced by new trends, but they are not easily accepted by older generations. Like, a new fashion trend gets popularized easily among youths, but older people take time longer than usual to accept the same. Accepting or rejecting a trend is entirely a personal decision. And you must follow it if you are fully satisfied because if you are not satisfied with it you cannot be comfortable with it.
    Some trends exist for a long time in society because of people's preference, while some trends come in society, and suddenly vanish because of less or no acceptance by the people. It means only those trends are followed in the majority, which is most popular among the public. It is just like evolution, in which only the fittest can survive or succeed in his life. Those who do not follow the latest trends can't get success easily. So, it is necessary to always follow the latest trends for development.

    Trends affect our life, and it is very difficult to escape from them. Mostly new trends are good. They help people to become more creative and productive. Following trends, you will have new ideas, which will lead to innovation and have a positive effect on life. Though it is hard to accept every new trend but to be more updated, you need to follow the trend. But it should be remembered that the trends, you are following, must suit you. So, change your attitude and follow the trends that suit you.

    Entry for Topic based TOW contest
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    Good suggestion from the author. We should be selective about following the trends. Never good to run after trends. The trends in life styles are very fast-changing and some youth concentrate more on these new trends and losing their valuable time. It is never for their better future, I feel.
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    I agree with the author that we are surrounded by different trends, especially in attire and gadgets these two trends change very quickly. Young generation is crazy for all new trends. Obviously, old generation is not crazy for the same and they can't be because of their age. It doesn't look good on their part if they also follow footsteps of this generation. When they were young they did all that what this young generation is doing now. Sometimes, I think if old people have right to preach young generation to mend their ways because they had done all sorts of things by their own ways which this present generation does by its own ways. However, old period believed in some modesty and their trends were also in vogue within a limit but their forefathers trends might be more modest than theirs.
    Social media is showing a trend among masses that everybody seems to be in hurry to post their videos and photographs. This trend is getting out of hands because now immodesty has crossed the limit and there is no check on it.

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    This is the nice post from the author connecting to the tow topic. There is a saying that if we cannot swim against the tide, we have swim along. Same way we have to be behaving with changing trend and that would give us the best results. If the society is functioning with the changed trend then we cannot seek separate treatment for us. For example wearing a mask has become compulsory and even the office employees are asked to wear it inside while working because the civic authorities are levying the fines if masks are not worn. So if this is the trend , then we have to follow it.
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    We cannot remain adamant and stubborn to remain clung to old trends as perceived by us in the past and may lose miserably if we do so. There are regularly new trends coming in vogue and it makes sense to analyse and adopt them if they are useful to us in any way. One will be old fashioned if he does not change his old ways and start adhering to some of the new trends which are so clearly in sight.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Differing from the general trend seen in other threads for this TOW contest, this thread opts for a change in attitude in tune to changing trends. The author has rightly observed that" Some trends exist for a long time in society because of people's preference,"

    While admitting that "it is necessary to always follow the latest trends for development" the author also sounds caution that "it should be remembered that the trends, you are following, must suit you.".

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