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This thread has won a consolation prize in the topic-based TOW contest for March '21.
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    The changing trend”z” in modern day vocabulary.

    The word "Trendz" may not be the part of today's stock of words in modern day dictionary but sooner or later this may get a renowned space. In the meantime, this can be seen in few hanging billboards and hoardings outside of salon or of clothing stores / shops.

    The above is one its kind that we may feel evident of evolution.

    Whatever the number of words that an updated dictionary is mentioning in this very moment of time, the upcoming times would be adding more to it and the credit of this goes to the sharing information within various cultural and social platforms. In a traditional world it was a slow process but due to high tech means the pace is multifold.

    Have you ever wondered how come that a particular fruit or vegetable are identified and pronounced in a most similar fashioned? Laptop and desktop have the same uses but based upon wherein they are set or put to for use, they are named. Likewise, once we were not aware of GST or Aadhar card but now these have become a mandatory part of our life.

    The above is a one aspect but there is another way round. There may be the possibilities that during the process few may lose their spaces because they are no longer required. For example, floppy drive and cassette.

    Maximum of commercial terms are being used in the abbreviation forms are the most common practices now also being added to the piles.

    If we are really interested, then every word in a dictionary has got a very interesting story beneath it. It is like somewhere something got originated, got passed on and then became popular among the generation.

    I often wonder whether we are using the words in its originality or is already transformed.

    My entry for the TOW contest.
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    That is true. Many new words are coined and old words will be disappearing. Some of the words we use today may be new to us but after some time that will become a common word. After sometimes we may see the same word in the dictionary also.
    always confident

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    A good write up, if seen as independently. However how the keyword is connected and highlighted is left to the editors evaluating the same.
    The author could have given a more effective and content-full thread by adding a few more examples and illustrations.
    Otherwise, a thought encouraging post.

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